My 3 Los Angeles Travel Essentials

Not included: a dream and my cardigan.

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It’s vacation day and I could not be more excited! I’m oh so ready to hop off the plane at LAX and spend a week with my best friend from college, David. Bonus that it’s his birthday and I’ll be able to celebrate with him.

I joke that LA has become my home away from home — granted I did literally live there for two months after college, but also because I’ve spent so much time there with my BFF since he moved there. I’m looking forward to hitting up my favorite restaurants, favorite studios and checking out some new ones while I’m out there.

So in the meantime, I’ve rounded up my slightly bizarre travel essentials for Los Angeles.


My 3 LA Travel Essentials

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1. Kickass, somewhat noise cancelling, headphones.

Uh, please don’t judge me, but the only headphones I’ve ever used are those free earbuds you get with an iPhone. The earbuds were starting to bother my ears and I wanted something a bit more robust for travel, so I finally invested in a legit pair of headphones.

I quickly learned that headphones can be EXPENSIVE and I wasn’t looking for all the bells and whistles. After much research, I decided to get the Beats EP wired headphones (<— which are currently on sale for $70).

These ones are super comfy and I actually like that they have a wire. I wore my new headphones yesterday on the train to visit family in Long Island. I wasn’t even listening to music but just wanted them on to block out some of the noise around me while I was reading. It sounds like a weird use of headphones, but I’m a fan!


2. All the yoga pants.

Yoga pants really are the best travel companion. If I’m going to be lounging around on a 6+ hour flight, you bet I’m gonna be in yoga pants. Sorry, jeans.

I especially love packing a ton of yoga pants for vacation because they can double as both “normal pants” with a cute top but then I can recycle them to be my workout pants the next day. Saves me a ton of room so I can pack more shoes 🙂


3. Tons of books + magazines.

I’m a reading machine on airplanes. It’s my favorite way to spend a flight… besides watching whatever episodes of The New Girl American Airlines has for me.

I always try to bring a mixture of somewhat fluffy but juicy fiction and motivational non-fiction.

After much much much deliberation (so many books, such little room in my carry on!) I decided to bring: Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans and Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar (creator of Pop Sugar).

While I do love non-fiction, I have a feeling I’m going to spend much of the flight reading Maybe in Another Life.


Your Turn: What are your favorite bizarre travel essentials?

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