Five Things Friday 10/24


Sweet Green‘s Fall Menu. For the past few weeks Sweet Green has been hinting at a bit of a menu revamp on instagram. You bet I was pretty freaken excited and counting down the days until the big reveal with my coworkers. The morning they announced the new menu my whole office was legit freaking out #IworkatafitnessStartup.

The new fall salad is just fantastic. Turkey + Brussel Sprouts + Sweet Potatoes + Curry cauliflower (doesn’t come with but I add it on extra) and the new cranberry dressing was delish. I think I found me a new favorite lunch.

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Pipcorn Popcorn. Popcorn is hands down one of my favorite (healthy!) snacks of all time and I’m loving on Pipcorn’s itty bitty popcorn pieces that doesn’t get caught in your teeth. For serious. It also comes in a variety of awesome flavors but I’m a fan of ye olde faithful sea salt and the white truffle option.


Silver Sperry’s.  After wearing my first pair of silver Sperry’s to death I purchased a new pair from J.Crew. These shoes are my absolute favorite fall wardrobe staple  because they’re super versatile– I can wear them to work with jeans or black leggings (yes I wear leggings/ yoga pants to work most days) and I can also dress them up a bit with a low-key dress. Bonus– the silver color matches almost everything.


Not That Kind of Girl. It usually takes me forever to read books since I read before bed and inevitably get sleepy within 5 minutes of crawling into bed. Jeremy and I have been spending as much time as we can over the weekends reading  in Washington Square Park and we’ve both been loving it. Fingers crossed the mild weather lasts a little bit longer so we can keep on reading outside!

Overall I definitely enjoyed Lena Dunham’s book, I’m a fan of Girls even through its major ups and major downs so it was really interesting to learn more about the lady behind the show.


Angry Orchard Apple Cider. ’nuff said :)


What are your favorites this week?

Fitness Magazine’s #fitblogNYC Meet & Tweet

#fitblogNYC Meet & Tweet with Fitness Magazine was hands down one of my favorite experiences, period. I remember hearing about the event from previous years and thinking woah, that sounds awesome, I hope some day I will get to go. Dreams came true this year and sure enough I was freaking out when I received my invitation to the event.



I really loved that the day was a great mix of socializing, networking and education. I seriously enjoyed all of the seminars throughout the day and did my best to jot down some notes while also tweeting out my favorite takeaways from the awesome speakers:

The New Formula for Fitness Success with Holly Rilinger (I used to work with her at Flywheel!)

  • On building her own fitness brand and gaining a following: “People are drawn to authenticity. I’m an athlete at heart and treat my riders like they are part of my team”.
  • On the new “7 minute workout” craze: “If you only have 7 min to workout, use that time to figure out how you can find more time to workout.”
  • “The magic happens when we sleep”
  • She creates a dream board of everything she wants and wakes up every morning looking at that dream board (I think I need to get on that!)
  • “It’s good to have a healthy fear because it keeps you on your toes”

CrossFit, Mud Runs, Marathons! How to Stay Healthy in a Hard-Core World with Dr. Marci A Goolsby

  • People generally get injured when they take on something too fast and too quickly.
  • You have to train to run, not run to train.
  • Signs of overtraining: performance drops off, fatigued, more tired than usual, heart rate is elevated, immune system is impacted, periods goes away.

Eat Healthier, Live Happier: Game-Changing Cooking Secrets with the HILARIOUS Carla Hall

  • “My biggest fear was hating my job. I couldn’t fathom being 40 and hating my job.”
  • “It’s your job to be happy, not your job to be rich. Your heart will tell you where to go”
  • “If you’re in a bad mood the only thing you should make is a reservation”
  • Essential cooking tools: a good non-stick skillet, backing rack, squeeze bottle for oil, spices like smoked paprika.
  • To lighten up a dish don’t take the fat out– you won’t be satisfied afterwards!
  • Don’t chuck your culture and tradition for the sake of healthy– find a way to make both work.

My Digital Brand is My Business with Bianca Jade of Mizz Fit, Anne Mauney of fANNEtastic Food and Laura of Laura Sykora

  • Develop a voice and specific feel for your blog. Emulate then deviate– see how others are doing it for inspiration but then be unique and find that gap within your interest
  • Authenticity and being genuine is SO key.

One of the themes I noticed from all the speakers was how important it is to be authentic when building your own brand. People will like you because you’re you, not because you’re trying to be something fake.


Besides the seminars I also had an absolute blast catching up with old blogger friends,  making new blogger friends and meeting people who felt like old blogger friends because we’ve been chatting on the internet forever. It sounds crazy, but it’s true! All in all I learned that we tend to be a friendly bunch of people who are pretty excited to chat with other bloggers.

Finally got to meet Grace after chatting back and forth on the internet forever

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Evann who crushed her second half marathon in San Francisco today!

And of course what’s an event without some Swag?


Before lunch we met with some of the sponsors learning more about their products. I am especially excited to test out my new pair of Hoka One One running shoes. They’re incredibly light yet cushiony at the same time.


To say the swag bag was ridiculous would be an understatement– they weighed easily 20+ pounds. When I finally got the chance to dig into the bag this weekend it felt like fitness Christmas with all the new goodies.


I’m especially excited about the Erica Sara Designs bracelet that says “Move Forward” and the much needed Yoga Tune-Up balls that will hopefully help with all the knots in my back.

Total cheeseball moment right here but I left the event in the best mood ever thinking about how much I love the blogging community and how grateful I am to experience amazing events like this one thanks to this little ole blog I started almost 3 years ago. Thank you so so much to Fitness Magazine for such an awesome, inspiring and empowering day!

3 Lessons I’ve Learned So Far From The #FallintoU..

Heyyyy I’m still here, don’t ya worry! Life has been all over the place, as it tends to be, and hopefully I’ll be able to update y’all with some more information about it all soon-ish, but for now I’m here to chitchat about how the Uplift 6 Week Challenge is going!

We’re 1 month in and got 2 more weeks to go! Even though I’d already taken approximately a gajillion classes at Uplift Studios before this challenge even began, it’s been a lot of fun heading to the studio almost every single day. We all have our happy places and I’m somewhat convinced Uplift is in my top 5, it’s just such a lovely and positive place to hangout and workout.

I’ll do a more in-depth post about the challenge once it’s over, but here are some things I’ve taken away from it so far:


1.  I love tricep push-ups. Seriously. And I definitely didn’t always love tricep push-ups, nor was I ever able to do them without dropping to my knees. Don’t know what happened to me in Israel but when I got back from my two-week vacation in the Middle East I was miraculously able to do tricep push-ups. They’ve slowly become my favorite exercise ever and I always hope they’re in the workout.

2. Your journey is your journey. I think we’re all guilty of looking around the room and sizing everyone up based on what weights they are lifting or if they are modifying throughout the workout. The truth is, your journey is your journey and shouldn’t matter to anyone else. If you need to drop down a weight because your funky rotator cuff is acting up, do it! If you’re suddenly feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by that cardio interval and need to take a breather, it’s okay.

And under that same umbrella… every day is a different journey. Some days I’m like oh yeah imma lift those 12 pound weights all class long! And other times my body feels sluggish and like there are bricks tied to my muscles and lifting heavy just ain’t gonna happen. Every day is different and you have to gauge yourself based on that.

3. It’s really shitty to wake up for a workout while it’s still dark, but so worth it. This ain’t my first time waking up at the crack of dawn for a workout, but it still doesn’t get easier. One of my big motivations to participate in this challenge my own concern that I had gotten a bit lazy when it comes to getting up and out the door for a workout. My snuggly bed always sounds a lot more enticing. I’m still not perfect and have missed my alarm once or twice since the challenge has begun, but otherwise I’ve been incredibly consistent about getting up and out of bed for a 7:30AM class even when I don’t really want to. Trust me, afterwards I’m always grateful I did.


Hope you’re all having a great week so far! I’ll leave you with this picture of my super cliche fall weekend in the suburbs apple picking:


Recipe: Vegan Mexican Bowl

New recipe time! It’s been a while since I’ve conjured up a new recipe for the blog. I tend to make the same old dishes week after week or don’t even bother cooking most of the time because I live in New York City and we eat a lot of takeout here.

The star of the show ended up being “Beyond Meat” which makes for a good alternative to ground beef.


I’m usually not a fan of imitation meat– if I wanted to eat red meat I would just eat red meat, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got a nibble of this stuff thanks to some free samples at Whole Foods. I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it into a Mexican inspired dish.


After heating up the package of beyond meat in the skillet with some olive oil I threw in 1 bell pepper, roughly 1 cup of corn and roughly 1 cup of black beans. The beyond meat added a lot of extra flavor on it’s own even before I mixed in additional spices.

I served it over a handful of wilted spinach for some extra veggie power and added a few shakes of cumin, garlic powder, ground pepper and salt. Topped it all off with a few spoonfuls of salsa and there you have it– an easy vegan Mexican bowl.


Left overs, I’m so excited for you.


What’s your go-to dinner when you’re looking for a quick, home cooked meal?