Drill Fitness: Drill Body FIT with Justin Walker

I’m calling it: Drill Fitness is the best new studio in town.

I stumbled upon this Tribeca studio while I was walking around during a jury duty lunch break last month. What? A fitness studio I’ve never heard of? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. With a little bit of google searching I learned more about this new studio and was SO excited to check it out.

This new studio blew me away– both the space and the class.

These people get me :)

The Studio

The space is huge and spacious– 2 studios on the ground level. The strength room is equipped with a nice springy floor and a large assortment of kettle bells, dumbbells and sandbags. Oh and there’s a disco ball that they had going at 9:30AM on a Sunday.


I didn’t get a chance to peak at the cycling studio which is also on the main floor.

Downstairs the locker room is spacious, stocked with all the goodies you need and has 4 showers– a rare luxury at a fitness studio.

Don’t forget to refuel after class with a smoothie from the front desk. While I was there they had free samples of their berry smoothie which unfortunately what whey and I couldn’t try it– but it looked tasty and everyone was enjoying it post-class.

The Class

As a lover of all things strength training and HIIT I knew I wanted to take their Body FIT class.

Description from Drill Fitness’ website:

A high intensity workout in a small group environment with a focus on strength and endurance. Workouts are designed to be fun, burn loads of calories, boost metabolism, increase energy, help shape and tone your body, and enhance your fitness through functional challenging exercise. Access to equipment like sand bells, weights, steps, suspension Training, and more offer variety every step of the way. All of our fitness experiences are driven by music that make you want to move and with our world-class instructors guiding you through a safe and effective workout, the question is not whether you get results, it’s how fast you will.

While checking into the front desk I was handed a heart rate monitor. Throughout class we checked our “scores” to see if we were in the right intensity zone. It’s pretty rare to find this kind of technology at a boutique fitness studio (the only place I’ve seen is at Bari and I’ve heard Remorca has it as well). While it’s not a perfect system since it wasn’t calibrated to my height, weight and fitness level, it was a good indicator of how hard I was working throughout class.

The class consisted of 3 circuits which used dumbbells, kettlebells and body weight exercises. The circuits would last roughly 2 minutes, then we’d get a break, and would repeat each circuit 3 times total.

In between there were tabata segments as well– 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. Love me some tabata! We ended with some core moves before stretching.



The workout was challenging but doable. Throughout instructor Justin offered modifications to both add intensity or bring it back depending on your fitness level. This format — circuits mixed in with tabata rounds– is my favorite way to workout. I felt like I got a great workout both strength wise and cardio wise.

Justin was a fantastic instructor and created a great, encouraging atmosphere– we started and ended the class with a group huddle and throughout gave our neighbor a high five. It sounds cheesy but it totally creates this “we’re all in this together” feeling. Justin was spot on with corrections and encouragement throughout the class keeping us safe and moving.

All in all I think Tribeca is a great addition to the NYC fitness scene and be back soon.

Want to check it out for yourself? Drill is overing a week of free classes! Just use the promo code knowthedrill. Offer ends 11.30.14.


I was invited to take a free class at Drill Fitness but was in no way compensated for this post. As always all opinions are my own. 

Sunday: A Workout, Some Art and Flying Trapeze

Started off my Sunday with a little (okay major) sweat sesh

drill fitness, tribeca
(full review on its way!)

Then met up with my friend Annica for brunch and we ended up perusing the Union Square Holiday Market… and I also ended up buying everything.


Cute elephant incense holder (also got some vanilla incense!), gorgeous handblown glass cup which will most likely become a candle holder, and something fun to be framed and hung up in the apartment. Living so close to this magical market is going to be bad news to my wallet this holiday season– I want to buy alllll the things. I have a feeling I’ll be making a few more trips to the market.

Ended Sunday with my first trapeze class in FOREVER. That feels like only a slight exaggeration. All summer I had gotten back in my flying groove taking 1-2 classes a week. But then the weather got colder which meant no more outdoor flying for me, and my work schedule changed and blah blah blah. Long story short– I was itching for a trapeze class. Last night I was literally so excited  I considered picking out my outfit and packing my bag 24+ hours before the class.

It was my first class at Streb so I felt a little wonky flying on this new-to-me rig. The timing is a bit different and it feels different when you’re up there. I couldn’t rely on muscle memory and autopilot the way I sometimes do with my usual trapeze school– I knew things were going to be called at different times than I’m used to and that kept me super alert.

I spent a good chunk of the class working on my layout. Anyone that flies will tell you it’s not an easy trick but it’s SO addicting. I love how deceptively complex it is and it’s the kind of trick that will never be *perfect*– there’s always something to fix.

All class I struggled with keeping my head up in those final moments and “presenting” myself to the theoretical catcher.

For catches I ended up dusting off an old favorite of mine, the gazelle.

There was only 3 of us in class which meant we got A LOT of turns and kept flying until our hands were too sore and ripped to keep going. Can’t say I missed the feeling of water hitting a fresh palm rip– oooouch.

Perfect way to end the weekend / kick off a super short work week :)

Five Things Friday 11/21

TeausMy coworker showed me this amazing tea shop in Chelsea/ Midtown West and I’m OBSESSED. Their menu is full of unique flavors. I tried the mango tea and it was beyond delicious and refreshing. The space may be small but adorable with a cork board filled with polaroids.


Highly recommend checking them out!


BlockheadsI know I’m like way late to the party on this one, but I went to the Mexican restaurant Blockheads with my two close friends last week and was super impressed with their extensive menu options and homemade VEGAN SOUR CREAM. I haven’t had sour cream in over 2+ years and I was so excited to dip my dairy-free chicken quesadillas in this deliciousness.

Oh and their margarita special ain’t too shabby ;)


Low boots: It’s official cold (and I mean really cold) in New York. I’ve been loving my new Sperry low boots with skinny jeans and of course yoga pants.


Gone Girl: I DEVOURED this book. I can’t think of the last time I was that into a book. I’m pretty sure everyone ever has already ready the book (or seen the movie now) however if you haven’t you gotta read Gone Girl!

A black tie wedding: Last weekend I got all dolled up for my cousin’s black tie wedding (yes, another cousin wedding!) and decided to do it up big and get my makeup done by Glam Squad and an up-do at DryBar.

I felt pretty glamorous in my gown and my date even wore a tux :)

I cannot recommend Glam Squad enough– they come to your house with EVERYTHING to do your make up, doesn’t get much easier than that. My makeup artist Jessica was fantastic and understood exactly the look I was going for. I wanted a really classy look that didn’t feel too over the top and loved the subtle smokey eye she gave me and low-key lip color. I will absolutely book with Glam Squad again in the future the next time I’m feeling extra fancy.

I’ve been dying to hit up Dry Bar so was pretty psyched I finally had a reason to pamper myself. While I ended up loving the finished product, their speciality is definitely blowouts. The experience is great though– there’s TV screens throughout the salon playing movies so I got to watch a good chunk of Bridesmaids and Easy A, doesn’t get much better than that!.

Probably a weird comment to make but the hairspray they use smells amazing. I have an anti-frizz serum from the Dry Bar line and can’t get enough of the scent they use in their products.

The wedding was absolutely amazing– my mom’s side of the family is very big and very loud to say the least so it’s always a good time celebrating with them. Congratulations to my cousin Jeremy and new cousin Ashley!


A Weekend in Boston

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m just getting back from spending the weekend in Boston with the whole extended family on my dad’s side for my cousin’s wedding. NYC is still my true love, but not gonna lie, I found the Back Bay area to be incredibly charming and gorgeous.

Before the festivities on Saturday I went to a class at BTone Fitness which was super close to our hotel. Brownie points to my padre for booking a hotel in the middle of a fitness hub! Taking a megaformer class always feels like a treat since I rarely get to go in NYC so I was pretty psyched about class.

BTone Fitness, megaformer, newbury, Boston Fitness
I loved how bright and sunny the studio was– when do you EVER see a studio with a skylight in Manhattan!? The class wasn’t my favorite megaformer class I’ve taken, I honestly thought it lacked personal attention and corrections. In a more traditional fitness class I’m pretty confident in my form and body awareness (as I would hope since I’m a personal trainer!) but on the megaformer I’m still clueless and a beginner. Like any class, you can’t base a studio on one experience though. It still felt good to get my body moving early in the morning!

Btone, megaformer
If you’ve never experienced the megaformer I highly recommend it! The machine looks like a torture device… and sometimes feels like one, but holy moly can it get the core BURNING.

After class it was time to eat some breakfast and then go exploring around the area with Jeremy. We ended up at the nearby Prudential Center which is essentially a bunch of malls strung together. My kind of shopping. Before long it was time to head back to the hotel to start getting ready for the wedding!


Boston Public Library wedding
It’s my dream to get married at the New York Public Library a la Carrie Bradshaw so I loved my cousin’s choice of venue– The Boston Public Library.

All fancy with Jeremy

My family who rarely gets a photo mention here on the ole blog.

Everything about the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great evening celebrating my cousin Adam and his new wife Ali.

Today I woke up bright and early for a spin class at Recycle Studio. When ClassPass launched in Boston last winter I spent a lot of time finding pictures of each studio and reading up on each and every one of them. The one that I knew I had to try was Recycle Studio and I was SO excited when I realized my hotel was walking distance to their Newbury studio.

Recycle Studio, Boston, spin, indoor cycling
I dig the inspirational quotes all over and couldn’t resist the discreet selfie.

The studio is homey and has a mom and pop feel complete with quirky artwork all over the place and the above area which is right outside the cycling studio. The cycling room itself is small but functional and lit only by candle light. Today was actually one of the last days with the studio looking like it currently does — it’s getting totally gutted and renovated starting this week.

The class itself was sweaty and a lot of fun. The instructor, Emily, had killer energy and a great playlist. When thinking about all the spin classes I’ve taken, it’s most similar to Soul Cycle in how focused it is on the rhythm and the dance-y elements of the cycle-ography. We were doing push-ups on the bikes and a few other dance-y moves that I’ve only previously seen at Soul Cycle. The class flew by and I was definitely sweating a ton by the end of it. My biggest complaint was that the bikes are SPD compatible or you can use sneakers in the cage. My own spin shoes are delta look and I’m not a huge fan of spinning in sneaks. Just a minor detail though.

What really stood out to me though was the homey quality of the studio, it felt like a place where people hang out and get to know each other. I had a great experience and would totally be a regular if I lived in Boston.




After class I had to head back to the hotel for a quick shower and breakfast before hitting the road with Jeremy. Guess we’ll just have to visit Boston again soon!