SweatStyle Review #2

sweat style box review

Remember my first SweatStyle box? I’m super excited to show you what I got in my second delivery.

How it works

In short, SweatStyle is the StichFix of workout clothes. Similar to StitchFix, you fill out a style profile with the kinds of workouts you do, what types of clothing you’re looking for, favorite colors and patterns and size info. A stylist handpicks 5 articles of clothing for you based on this information.

You have 5 days to try everything on and decide what you want to keep, then send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. You only pay for what you keep plus the $20 styling fee (different from StitchFix in that sense).

It was super difficult to figure out what I wanted to keep and send back since I loved almost everything I got. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Nux Rio Capri in Love Triangle Print $54 = KEEPER

love fun print legging but sometimes am iffy about them because of my, er, muscular quads. When I put these on I absolutely adored the print and the fit ended up being perfect. The fabric is thin but not too thin which is great for a sweaty workout. They already survived their first trapeze class this week which means they are officially Kayla Approved.

sweat style review

sweat style review 2

Alala Clutch Tank in Black $65

I’m a sucker for “athleisure wear” since I frequently wear workout clothes to work… and brunch and really just about anywhere at this rate. I’m always looking for great workout tops that are functional enough for a workout yet also cute enough to not make me look like a total slob when I’m out and about. The mesh detail is sophisticated and simple. Paired with plain black leggings, this outfit is NYC ready. And yes, I promptly wore this exact outfit to work the day after I took these pictures.

sweat style review 3

sweatstyle 4

HPE Cross X Seamless Vest in Plum $60 = RETURN

The fit of this racerback tank was meh. The bottom is tight and form fitting and the middle is a little bit loose around my belly. I own a bunch of racerback tanks that fit better and wasn’t thrilled with the high price tag for a not-so-perfect fit. Loved the color and pattern though!

sweatstyle review 5

sweatstyle 6

Yogasmoga Zetos Crop in Heron Grey $104- RETURN

I was on the fence about these crops because I loved their unique look, they’re not like anything else I own. The fit was good not great. For the price point I decided not worth it if I don’t love it.

sweatstyle 7


Yogasmoga Vivacity Long Sleeve Tee in Everest $130- RETURN

Jeremy told me I looked like a Power Ranger. I beg to differ. This top was SO lovely, even my mom liked it but also SO expensive. I really liked the detailing and of course the thumbholes. Once again, too pricey for me.

sweatstyle 8

sweatstyle 9


All in all I loved getting a fun package full of clothing picked out for me by a stylist. I tend to only shop at Lululemon and Athleta out of shear convenience and the price point. My biggest issue with this box was obviously $$ since I was keeping in mind similar items from Lulu and Athleta to gauge the price. Happy with my 2 keepers though!


Anyone else a SweatStyle subscriber? What were your favorites from my box? 


Marathon Training Week 13: OMG, it happened

Apologies for the long, ramble-y post. I got a lot to say, yo. marathon training

Ah, the long awaited and highly anticipated 20 mile run.

Going into this run I was REAL nervous, I think we can all agree that it sounds insanely daunting. Even though I did 18 miles last week with no problem, I spent all week leading up to this run psyching myself out.

This is the run I’ve been dreading since I decided to run a marathon. It sounds like so much more than 18 miles and for many people it’s the highest mileage they hit before the grand finale. I personally will be running 22 miles next weekend before taper time. Which I guess is good because a marathon is only 4 miles more than that. And I can like run 4 miles in my sleep. Not really, but in theory.

Of course I spent all week obsessively checking the weather and therefore freaking out about the supposed hurricane that was making it’s way towards Manhattan. That ended up not being the case but the weather still sucked. So damn cold, a little bit misty and insane wind. Like the kind of wind that makes you feel like you’re going to flyaway. Just what you want when you’re running for 4 hours.

After seriously stalling my long run, it was finally time to head out, face the weather, and conquer my fear of 20 miles in the cold, windy, mist.

20 miler

Once the initial shock of “CRAP IT’S COLD!” wore off and my fingers warmed up, I started feeling good about this run, similar to my past two long runs. It also really helped that the Hamilton cast recording is 2 hours and 43 minutes long, which covers a decent amount of miles.

For my route I decided to do something similar to last week– start from the West Village and run to the West Side Highway, go south, end up on the East River and then cross over the Williamsburg Bridge, hit 10 miles and then turn around to head home. I like this route because it’s relatively mindless but not as boring as heading straight north on the West Side Highway (which I did honestly enjoy too for my 16 miler).

I always wondered what people think about when they are running for that long. I thought about a lot of stupid things like:

  • what am I going to eat when I get home? I settled for egg drop soup, dumplings and fried rice because all my favorite brunch places were no longer serving brunch by the time I got home.
  • what outfit will I wear to dinner at night with my friend? Sweat pants, sports bra, tank top and a comfy zip-up because real clothes were NOT happening.
  • my workout plan for the week.
  • when I would maybe do laundry. Ugh, never because I’m tired all the time and hate doing laundry
  • … And every so often encouraging phrases to myself.

I counted down the miles, breaking up the run into teeny tiny runs– it’s only four 5 miles runs, that’s not so bad! I thought a lot about my fueling breaks too and got really excited to eat a stupid sugary gummy. It’s the little things when you’re running 20 miles.

I also rapped along to Hamilton, weeped a little when people died in the show, and let that push me through the first 13 or so miles.

All was going well until the final 2 miles. I feel like this is always the case, no matter how long my run is I feel GREAT for most of it and then the last 2 miles absolutely murder me. Between the gusting wind and my poor, tired, cold, body, it was really tough. Also, I had just run 18 miles so no shit it was tough.

I spent those last 2 miles crying a little bit (only a little in the like “I’m so drained when will this end” kind of way…), audibly screaming UGH whenever the wind picked up, and saying little mantras to myself like “Suck it up, Kleinman it’s only 2 more miles”. For whatever reason I always refer to myself by my last name when I’m running. It makes me feel like I’m actually an athlete instead of a former drama nerd who’s pretending to be remotely athletic.

The truth is, despite the crying and screaming I was doing, I knew I could do it. I could push through the final little bit even though it hurt, even though I was SO over the weather. And then it happened, my nike gps told me 20 miles and I threw up my hands in victory like I always do after a long run.

All I could keep saying was “Oh my god, it happened” over and over again. I did it. I ran 20 miles. Holy crap.

Was it amazing, I mean no, but it also wasn’t a total suckfest considering. And now I’m less than 1 month until the marathon, and in 1 week I’ll be in taper town. Dare I call this the homestretch?

This Week’s Plan

TUESDAY: 8 mile run
WEDNESDAY: Uplift Strength + trapeze
THURSDAY: Interval run
SATURDAY: 22 miles
SUNDAY: Spin class TBD

Dare to Bare

On Sunday I will take a Soul Cycle class in Union Square in a sports bra.

For me, this isn’t that big of a deal. During a deadly hot run this summer, I stripped down to my sports bra and it felt awesome and most importantly, a teensy bit breezy. I’ve stripped down to my sports bra in the middle of a 305 Fitness class, inspired by amazing ladies around me, and it felt awesome. I’ve  stripped down to my sports bra in the middle of a steaming hot spin class because why not, and yeah it felt awesome.

To me, working out in a sports bra has never felt like a big deal. I understand, though, that working out in a sports bra is a big deal to many. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

On Sunday I will be riding in my spots bra as a part of Dare to Bare from the Movemeant Foundation. This event is about showing women that looks are only one piece of what makes us amazing. It’s a celebration of bodies of all shapes and sizes and a fight for those who are battling eating disorders, body image issues, lack of self worth and depression.

While I am not without self deprecation nor self criticism, the least I can do for myself is take pride in my body and all that it does. My body is not perfect. I’ve had a 4 stretch marks on my right inner thigh since I was 16… and more stretch marks than I can count on my butt. I have a shocking amount of cellulite hidden on my ass and thighs. My belly more often than not looks like I’m carrying a nice little food baby.

My body is so much more than these physical details. My body ran 18 miles on Saturday. My body has crossed the finish line of 3 half marathons. My body can do a killer tricep push-up without dropping to my knees. My body can fly through the air with the greatest of ease at trapeze.

I encourage you to take a look at what you body can do because that’s what actually matters. Show off your amazing body (yes, your body is amazing because it can do amazing things) with me this Sunday.


Ready to bare? There will be classes in Union Square all day Sunday– bootcamp, TRX and dance. $30 gets you an all day pass to fitness classes minus Soul Cycle. Hope to see many of you there.

Marathon Training Week 12: The Good, The Bad & The..

week 12

the good

I never thought I’d say this but I actually really enjoy long runs. Similar to last week, running 18 miles wasn’t that bad. Even I think this sounds absolutely crazy considering I used to cry my way through 10 mile runs not too long ago. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re making any progress when it comes to fitness and working out. For the first time in my life I have hardcore proof that I am getting hella stronger every week.

The thought of running a marathon is becoming less and less ridiculous and more and more “I think I can actually do this”.

I would like to thank the Hamilton cast recording for giving me some awesome tunes for the first 13 miles. I would also like to thank the delicious Honey Stinger Chews I happily munched on every few miles.

I’m trying really hard to not let these past two long runs set unreasonably high expectations for next weekends 20 milers. I can’t believe I’m actually at my 20 mile run… and then I’m going to run 22 the next weekend. Welp.


the bad

I am SO tired all the time. By nighttime after a long run I’m basically a useless mush of exhaustion and just want someone to feed me soup. If you’re wondering what I’m doing Friday or Saturday night from now until marathon Sunday, just assume I’m in pajamas and half asleep on the couch.


the just plain ugly

I’ve come to the conclusion that marathon training is the antithesis of sexy. Seriously. There is nothing sexy about texting your boyfriend in great detail about the current state of your chafing armpits (yup, that happened.) There is also nothing sexy about asking your boyfriend to examine a painful blister post long run. Guilty all around.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far– my chafing as been pretty minimal and cleared up quickly with some coconut oil, I’ve only had 1 blister so far and I still have all my toenails.

Poor Jeremy gets to deal with all my gross ailments because I feel the need to share all the details with him. I guess it’s the price you pay for dating a future marathon runner…


This Week’s Plan

MONDAY: Exceed
TUESDAY: 70 minute run
WEDNESDAY: yoga + trapeze
THURSDAY: Hill repeats
SATURDAY: run 20 miles
SUNDAY: Soul Cycle at Dare to Bare