Why You Need To Step Back and Reflect

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday… although it kind of feels like Friday to me. I’m heading to Westchester later today for Rosh Hashanah celebrations with my family. L’shana Tova to all those celebrating tonight. I’m popping in to say “hi” after teaching at Corepower this morning and taking a Soul Cycle class after. I don’t get to go very often [luckily this morning’s class was free!] but when I do it’s SUCH a treat.


Even though I’m not super religious, I love the ritual of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Years. For starters, it’s a second chance to make “resolutions” and set goals. As someone that has been on an academic calendar most of her life, this holiday always falls close to the beginning of a new school year. It feels fitting and like the right time for both a fresh start and to stop, evaluate and reflect.

Since senior year of college I’ve been filling out 10Q, a 10 question questionnaire that gives you the chance to reflect on the past year. The idea spurs from Rosh Hashanah rituals, but the questions are not specific to Judaism and the holiday. When you’re done, you hit a button and your answers are sent to a “vault”. One year later, the vault “opens” and your answers are sent back to you. Pretty neat, right?

It’s pretty crazy to go back and read my old answers. Sometimes it feels like my life is at a stand still. Every year I’ve filled out my 10Q sitting on the same red couch in my same living room. I’ve also been dating Jeremy for that long.

But reading these answers reminds me how much has changed since senior year of college. Even more important, how much I’ve changed.

Last year this time I was starting my first semester of grad school — and taking a math class for the first time in 10 years. I knew exciting things were brewing, I had recently finished my yoga teacher training. Leslie and I had just thrown our second Holistic Happening event.

I’ve come a long way since my senior year of college, when I was just starting to own my awkwardness. Girl, you run a business now! You used to freak out when you had to lead directing rehearsals for the show you created.

It’s so easy to forget how far you’ve come. Whether it’s how much stronger you are getting physically, how much progress you’ve made in your weight loss goals, or how far you’ve come in life. For this reason I love 10Q and the gentle reminder that I’ve come a LONG way from that awkward, hella self-conscious, 21-year-old gal I once was. Change has happened and continues to happen, even if I still live in the same apartment and am sitting on the same red couch year after year.


Tell Me: What’s the biggest transformation you’ve gone through this year?

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