Labor Day Weekend + Workout Recap


Happy Labor Day weekend! Anyone up to anything fun? Yesterday I went to Yonkers to visit my good friend Samantha who just had a gorgeous baby girl. Holding this teeny tiny 3 week old baby made me realize that this was probably the youngest baby I’ve ever held (granted I’ve held maybe 2 babies in my entire life…) I was joking that at 8 pounds she was lighter than the dumbbells I had bicep curled earlier that day.

I’ve been at my parent’s house in Westchester since last night visiting Jeremy. I’m hoping the weather cooperates today and we can spend some of it outside either kayaking at my Grandma’s house or riding on the amazing bike trail here. Fingers crossed for some outdoors time!


Workout Recap

This week ended up being another killer on the workout front.

Monday: Strength @ Uplift
Tuesday: Signature Fhix @ The Fhitting Room
Wednesday: Strength @ Uplift
Thursday: Box & Bell @ BFX and 2 hour trapeze
Friday: REST
Saturday: Burn @ BFX
Sunday: Strength @ Uplift

What worked:

Anytime I can get in 3 sessions at Uplift is a solid week if you ask me! Not only is it one of my favorite class, it’s also a solid strength focused class and I always leave there feeling like I had an awesome workout.

My trapeze class Thursday was SO good. I don’t know if it was the cappuchino I chugged at 7:30pm before class (oops) or just where I am these days but I left there practically skipping I was so giddy after a class of throwing solid layouts.

What didn’t work:

First… I needed that rest day way earlier than I took it. By Thursday night I was a hurting puppy and probably would’ve cancelled my trapeze class on a account of soreness if they didn’t have a 72 hour cancellation policy (yup 72 hours!). I’m happy I went though because I ended up having a super strong class—luckily my soreness was in my legs and not my upper body.

There were a lot of similar workouts this week—Fhitting Room is HIIT as was Burn at BFX. I would have preferred to switch out one of those for something lower impact like a spin class.


Any exciting labor day weekend plans?
Anyone else wait too late to take a rest day this week…

Adjusting to 9 to 5 Life

Anyone else obsessed with this Every Simpsons Episode Ever Marathon? The boy and I totally got sucked into watching a few hours over the weekend and it brought back old memories of watching The Simpsons as a kid with my family. Probably not the most kid-friendly show… but watching these episodes again now I can say the raunchy humor went way over my head.

Any who…


I’ve now been working “full time” at my job for almost 3 months (minus that 2 week stint in Israel…). For those of you new to the blog, after graduating college two years ago I spent the first year out juggling 6 different part time jobs in the fitness industry all at once. My work hours varied from waking up at 4AM for my front desk position at a fitness studio, to teaching a 7:30pm spin class. My schedule was all over the place to say the least.

Last year I was back in school while still working part time at the fitness studio for the fall semester, and then I started working part time at my current company in the spring. My schedule became a little more predictable since class and work were always the same hours. I also had lots of “down time” and was able to come back to my apartment in between classes every day to make lunch… and watch Sex and the City reruns.

Now that I’m working full time I’m beyond thrilled but also still adjusting to this new schedule. It’s taken some getting used to and here’s what I’ve learned so far…


1. Morning workouts are crucial. Contrary to popular belief I’m so not a morning person. Even so I love getting my workout over with first thing the morning. There is some flexibility in my work schedule to take an afternoon class every so often, but I’ve found working out first thing in my morning is my best bet.

2. Pack bag the night before. There’s nothing worst than rummaging around and packing my stuff at 6AM when I’m also trying to scarf down some food before heading out to a class. For this reason I always try and pack my bag for work the night before with whatever I need for the day– change of clothes, make up, toiletries, you name it.

3. Prep lunch the night before. One of the hardest things to adjust to for me has been not being able to go home for lunch. For the past two years, and even throughout college, I’ve almost always made lunch at home in the middle of the day. Nowadays I try to bring lunch to work as much as possible. At night I make a conscious effort to make time to prepare lunch for the next day– cut up whatever fruit or veggies I’m making and make whatever else I’m bringing. Lunch is usually nothing fancy– a wrap with turkey and hummus or left overs from dinner, however preparing the night before makes the morning much easier.

4. Food shop on Sunday and do some meal prep. If I don’t go food shopping by Tuesday, I know it’s not going to happen at all for the week… so I do my best to get it done on Sunday. Unfortunately Whole Foods is a mad house during the day, and I usually spend weekends with the boy, so food shopping usually happens late Sunday night. When I come home I wash what I can right away and try and figure out a loose plan for the week. Food prep and cooking is still something I struggle with, but I’m working on it!!

5. Don’t over do it during the week. I have a tendency to overbook my week– hanging out with friends, seeing theater, trapeze, taking fitness classes, work events and so on. While I love all of these things and feel lucky to have fun things happening in my life, I know I also need some nights where I have down time to veg out and take care of myself.

6. Remember “me” time. Some weeks have been crazy with work events and other happenings, but I always try to remember to schedule something just for me– whether it’s a trapeze class, pedicure or even a low-key night with old friends.


What are your tips for living the 9-to-5 life style? 

Cycling Around Governor’s Island

It’s no surprise, Governor’s Island is still one of my favorite things about NYC summer.


All summer it’s been on my to-do list, and yesterday Jeremy and I finally made our way to Governor’s Island for a lovely afternoon of walking and biking around the island. I don’t know what it is about Governor’s Island but we both seriously love it there and can easily spend 3 hours there doing more or less nothing.

I was SUPER excited to go bike riding since I absolutely love riding. Unfortunately though, I rarely get to hop on a bike (besides a spin bike…) in NYC since it’s not exactly safe. I know the city has come a long way, even since I’ve moved here to become more safe for bikers, even so I still don’t feel comfortable biking around the busy streets.

Governor’s Island, though, is a whole different story. It’s basically become an oasis for bike riding thanks to all the paths and a convenient bike rental station. Renting a bike for 2 hours only cost $15, not too shabby!

Jeremy said he was pretty sure it had been about 10 years since he rode a bike… but the old saying is true “It’s like riding a bike!”

I also love all the bizarre artwork on Governor’s Island that changes every summer. Exhibit A, this interesting hut made of plastic cups…



I was also a fan of the quirky mini golf course plus this fun treehouse that was probably meant for kids…


I’m so happy we were able to squeeze in a Govenor’s Island trip before it’s closed for the season. If you’ve never been I can’t recommend it enough! Pack a picnic and take the ferry over, you won’t regret it.


Workout recap

One of the fun things about my job is I get to find a lot of new blogs when I’m researching for our new cities. During that process I stumbled across Ashley’s blog A Lady Goes West and I’m seriously obsessed. I swear reading a bunch of San Francisco people’s blogs made me seriously miss the west coast and want to move to SF pronto (for the record I’ve actually never been to SF… but I hear it’s really nice and I would like it, ha!) For her workout recaps she talks about what went well and what could have gone better. I really love that approach and thought I’d give it a shot!


Monday: Mindbody Bootcamp @ Circuit of Change + 2 hour trapeze class
Tuesday: Barihybrid @ Bari Studio
Wednesday: Uplift Strength @ Uplift
Thursday: Open level @ Ishta Yoga
Friday: Uplift Strength @ Uplift + Fly45 @ Flywheel Sports
Saturday: Metabolic Burn @ Body Space Fitness
Sunday: Fly45 @ Flywheel Sports


What was good?

I hit up a lot of my favorite classes last week, in particular Uplift and Body Space Fitness. For whatever reason those two studios are basically my happy place and I always leave feeling incredible. I actually hadn’t taken a Flywheel cycling class since I stopped working there at the end of 2013 and forgot how much I love Ryan’s Flywheel class. A lot of instructors (and studios even…) forget about bringing an element of joy and fun to working out. Ryan does just that while also delivering a killer ride. The 90′s throwback tunes help too :) .

I also hadn’t done a double in a while and really liked the combination of Uplift + Flywheel. When I double up I like to make it 2 contrasting workouts and like the pairing of an intense cardio workout after a lot of lifting at Uplift. I’ll be doing it again this Friday!


What could have been better? 

I didn’t end up taking a formal rest day which I do 99% of the time. My yoga class on Thursday was kind of meh and not my style so didn’t feel like a workout (or even a stretch really) so I felt good to go for Friday. Early in the week my foot was feeling kind of funky, I don’t know if I landed on it weird at some point during Bari or what but my right foot was bothering me until about Thursday. I adjusted accordingly and avoided the high impact moves during Uplift. Don’t know what happened by now it feels fine, phew!


Question: What’s your favorite part about summer in your city? And what’s on your to-do list before summer (or the warm weather…) ends? 

Land of the Lobster Roll

This weekend I went to Cape Cod with some of my Birthright friends aka the land of lobster rolls



I don’t even like lobster but I felt like I had to get a lobster roll in Cape Cod. It was delicious.

I know for sure I’m a city girl at heart, it’s something I’ve known since I was little, but it’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC for some peace and quiet. Even though I grew up in the suburbs, my jaw still dropped when we arrived and I looked up to see a sky full of stars– and even spotted a few shooting stars.

Besides star gazing and eating lobster, we spent the weekend hanging at the beach, eating more delicious food (Mac Shack is a must go to– their sushi is incredible!), making s’mores by the water and simply relaxing. Couldn’t ask for a better weekend mini vacation.




On the fitness front things haven’t been too too exciting for me. I’ve been trying to workout in the morning before work as much as possible– but the down side of that is I usually wake up super sleepy no matter what time I went to bed (okay okay, it’s usually around midnight no matter how early I’m waking up, but still). I’m trying to find my happy medium for how many early morning workouts are realistic in a week without becoming an incredibly cranky person in the process.

I also have a half marathon quickly approaching that I should probably start training for… like, last week. Running is still not my “go to” exercise of choice, and I’m finding it more and more difficult to motivate myself to lace up those running shoes and hit the pavement for a few miles.  I’m giving myself this week as my last “working out for funnies!” week… and then next week starts half marathon training seriousness.

Here’s the workout agenda for this week:

Monday: Mindbody Bootcamp @ Circuit of Change + 2 hour trapeze class
Tuesday: BariHybrid @ Bari Studio
Wednesday: Strength @ Uplift Studios
Thursday: Open @ ISHTA Yoga
Friday: Strength @ Uplift Studios
Saturday: Metabolic Burn @ Body Space Fitness
Sunday: Fly45 @ Flywheel

The thing I’ve learned about planning out my workouts in advanced and signing up for class is that things are always super subject to change depending on how I’m feeling. Usually I have an official rest day in the mix (don’t get me started on how important rest days are!), so I’ll see how I’m feeling later in the week and will gauge things from there for the weekend.

Oh and last but not least, the boy and I will be celebrating 3 years of dating tomorrow.

I have to say a huge thank you to Jeremy for putting up with all my crazy over the past 3 years. And thank you for eating Indian food with me every Friday for the past 3 years :)