Weekend + Workout Plan for the Week

Happy Sunday!

I went to go see Hamilton at The Public with my parents and Jeremy last night. It’s a rapsical (rap + musical = rapsical according to me) about Alexander Hamilton written by my musical theater hero Lin Manuel Miranda.

I’ve been stalking following Lin Manuel Miranda’s career since the fam first saw In the Heights off-broadway in 2007 and Hamilton did not disappoint. I’ve taken Jeremy to a lot of shows over the past 3.5 years and this is the first time he’s looked over at me in the middle of Act One to say “Uh, this is amazing”.

Couldn’t resist stagedooring :)

We no joke spent much of today continuing to discuss the amazingness that is Hamilton. Now that my friends is a sign of great theater.

Jeremy and I spent the rest of the weekend basically eating or watching Parks and Rec on netflix. Quality weekend if you ask me.


“Apparently” there is some intense blizzard on it’s way to NYC. Like so intense that Whole Foods was even more insane than usual on a Sunday night, yeesh. Fingers crossed it ain’t so bad, this is NYC after all and it would take a lot of snow to paralyze the city. Fingers cross it also doesn’t mess with my travel plans because I’m supposed to leave for Los Angeles Wednesday to visit my college BFF.

I haven’t done a workout recap in awhile so thought it would be fun to bring it back.

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Last week

Monday: rest (does 5 hours of shopping count?)
Uplift Strength @ Uplift
Wednesday: MetCon3 @ Equinox
Thursday: 30 minutes cardio
Friday: rest
Saturday: Uplift Strength @ Uplift
Sunday: 1 hour vinyasa yoga

What worked: Love love love getting to take Uplift Strength twice in one week. The majority of fitness classes I’ve taken are more metabolic or pure cardio which is why I adore Uplift Strength– it’s all about burning out each major muscle group and picking up heavy dumbbells.

Yay for going to yoga! So far so good with my resolution to hit up 1 yoga class per week in 2015. I’m really loving Sunday morning yoga so think I will continue to devote Sundays to yoga for the time being.

What didn’t work: More rest than I had initially planned. My workout Thursday ended up being a total bust– I hated the class I was taking at my gym and decided to ditch 20 minutes in. I think I’ve only done that twice in my entire life but sometimes it feels necessary– the class was a lot of jumping around and not what I had wanted to do.

I was at my parents house in Westchester Friday morning and totally intended to go to the (sort of) nearby Equinox. Yeah, it’s literally impossible for me to wake up early in Westchester. Something about my tiny childhood bed is so dang comfy and I think the peace and quiet compared to NYC makes a huge difference.

Plan for this week:

I’m still finalizing my workout plan for while I’m in LA but I’m hoping to hit up Training Mate, Core Power Yoga and Pink Iron during my mini vacation. Allllll the workouts!

Hopefully I won’t be trapped in my apartment for the next two days thanks to the impending blizzard and will be able to hit up the gym Monday and Tuesday for a class.

What’s your workout plan for this week?
Any classes I absolutely have to hit up in the West Hollywood area?


True Life: I haven’t cooked in 2 weeks [Meal Plan..

Truth bomb right here: I haven’t had a home cooked meal in 2 weeks. I kind of wish I was kidding.

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Le Pain Avocado toast + vegan chili = best lunch ever. 

Since Jeremy ended up hanging around all last week (gotta love having a boyfriend who is still a student and therefore has winter break) we hit up all of our favorite restaurants while he was here. I know we could theoretically cook… but trying to find something that we both like and want to cook is nearly impossible. Trust me, we’ve tried. He loves his meat, I love my salmon and vegan food. And… then my parents were here over the weekend, who can refuse free food?

Although I don’t necessarily love cooking, I was oddly excited to go grocery shopping and meal plan for the first time in 2 weeks. While I definitely wasn’t sick of eating sushi (I don’t think I will ever get sick of eating sushi) I am long overdue for some home cooking.

Here’s what I’m cooking this week:

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  • Cheezy Kale + Chickpeas over rice (arguably my favorite recipe ever, I make this dish at least once a week!)
  • Pan seared tuna patties + asparagus (inspiration via this brilliant article)
  • Zucchini and pepper egg frittata muffins (recipe forth coming!!)
  • Snacks: baby carrots and pipcorn (this stuff is addicting)
  • and of course ye olde faithful: english muffin + peanut butter.

What are you cooking this week? 

A Mini Vacation and A New Chapter

Last weekend I escaped cold NYC for a quick trip to visit my grandpa in Florida

Uh, yeah it was pretty glorious.

My parents and I stayed at the Eau Hotel in Palm Beach. All of the decor at the hotel was turquoise so I was mildly obsessed and wish I could decorate my apartment in the same fashion.

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I ate an absurd amount of fish in 3 days because y’know when it Florida, eat lots of fish (and OJ + fruit!)

The best part? Not being attached to my computer. I know I’m not alone in saying I spend way too many hours in front of the computer. During my 3 days in Florida I didn’t open my computer once and it was awesome. Sure I still was on my phone mainly to text Jeremy (and to see if he was jealous of the warm breezes) but spent significantly less time staring at a screen than I typically do.

I know it’s not always possible to ditch the screen for 3 days at a time because y’know work and stuff, but it was really refreshing and I hope to do a bit more computer detoxing in the future as a nice break from all the technology in my daily life.



Abrupt subject change but last Friday was my last day working at ClassPass. While I’ve loved my time there and feel so grateful to have been a part of this company over the past year of my life, I’m also super excited to explore some new opportunities and continue to grow professionally.

I’ve got a few things on the horizon and can’t wait to share the news once it’s finalized :)




Oh and one last thing! I was featured this week in the Shapin’ Up Fitness Spotlight! Huge thanks to Amanda for including me and definitely go check out her great blog!

Your turn: How do you detox from technology? Anyone else got big, life changing news? 

Friday Favorites 1/9

Shea cashmere hand cream from Bath and Bodyworks. Winter is already wreaking havoc on my skin, yay! My mom already fell in love with this hand cream and I became equally obsessed after testing it out for myself. I’m usually iffy about hand creams– I hate when they feel greasy and thick. This stuff is just the right amount of moisture without feeling too greasy, plus it smells great.


This hilarious and, uh, accurate article from the New York Times about the front row in fitness classes around NYC. It sparked a pretty heated and interesting discussion at the office (which is to be expected at an office full of fitness enthusiasts).

Etsy finds! I’m creating a gallery wall in my bedroom (y’know I’ve lived here for 4 years, might as well start decorating my apartment…) and have had a blast perusing around Etsy for some great prints.

Yep, Rocky Horror lyrics for my wall.

How to work out like a broadway star. My two worlds colliding! Always loving hearing about Broadway stars workout routines.

21 Times Friends Was Surprisingly Feminist. I’ll argue it’s still one of the greatest sitcoms, ever.

The 100 Most Influential People in Health and FitnessFrom Jillian Michaels to local star Mark Fischer (!!!) brilliant list of brilliant people.

Killer *free* SLT Workout. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I stumbled upon a free SLT class on their schedule. From what I gathered, the studio always does free classes with the new instructor as part of the audition process. Even though the instructor was still in training, it was a killer workout on the megaformer none-the-less. These bad boys are hands down one of my favorite workout machines out there, when used properly classes on the megaformer are so so hard but burn so good. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more classes like this on the schedule!


In case you’re not sick of resolutions, 18 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions From Gym Owners & Trainers

The side of my face made it into Fitness Magazine. Yeah, it’s just the side of my face, but I still legit freaked out and might’ve purchased 2 copies at Barnes and Noble… IMG_6841


My absolute favorite part of the week? Getting the “Your flight is now eligible for check-in” email from American Airlines. Considering it’s been in the teens every day this week I’m pretty excited, to say the least, for a weather forecast of sunshine and warm weather in Florida this weekend :)