Ep. #8: Using Cannabis Consciously, Spirituality, & Unlocking the Magic Within w/ Lauren Unger

Today’s episode covers a lot of ground: spirituality, reiki, becoming your true self and yes, cannabis.

Lauren Unger is a Spiritual Guide, Holy Fire Reiki master, medium, crystal and cannabis expert, healing chef, and certified holistic health coach.

As you guys know, I’m not the most woo-woo person. I take everything with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of skepticism. Even so I love learning about the more woo-woo side of wellness. Even if you’re not all that woo-woo too too, this conversation is a good intro to exploring spirituality.

I was also super curious to pick Lauren’s brain on the topic of conscious cannabis consumption. It’s a complicated, dense, subject to unpack and I know I personally have mixed opinions if I’m going to be honest. More often than not I personally have seen cannabis used as a means to numb pain and avoid facing life head on. More and more websites are talking about cannabis in a wellness context (case and point: Well and Good, mindbodygreen and Pop Sugar to name a few). I have a feeling this is a subject thats only going to become more relevant as more states legalize cannabis.


  • unlocking the magic within
  • transitioning from event planning to helping people heal
  • how she realized she was a medium
  • listening to the signs in your life and not ignoring your inner guide
  • moving from NYC to LA
  • listening to the universe
  • what is reiki and why you need to experience it for yourself
  • using cannabis consciously
  • the spiritual and wellness side of using cannabis
  • CBD and THC: what’s the difference?
  • how to tap into your spiritual side.


Connect with Lauren:

▶︎ Lauren’s website

▶︎ Say “hi” on instagram.



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