These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things // Vol. 7 ▶︎ LA Edition

Happy Friday from LA!

I can’t believe I’ve been here a week already. The weather has been lovely so I’m a happy camper. The week has been a good mixture of both busy and relaxing. I definitely need the relaxation and have been sleeping in most days and trying not to over schedule every day.

Here’s what I’ve been up to in Lalaland this week:

▶︎ Launch party for Rooted with Love.

As timing would have my good friend turned business partner Leslie is also in LA this week. We swear we didn’t plan this!

Leslie and Lauren Unger launched an e-book this week called Rooted With Love. I’ve had a chance to look through the guide and it’s both gorgeous and thorough. The first Rooted With Love guide is all about getting grounded, something this I always need. The guide features plant-based recipes and a Magic Kit to help you root your mind, body and soul so you can bloom and grow in the coming season.

To celebrate the launch Leslie and Lauren hosted a sound bath and meditation session in Venice. I swear 2018 is the year of sound baths — I’ve already been to four! It was honestly just what I needed to recharge.

You guys know I’m super skeptical about everything. And I’m not going to pretend that any of the sound baths I’ve been to this year have been life changing or anything of that nature. At the very least I do find them to be super relaxing. Anything that forces me to sit still is a good thing.

I also personally feel a deep connection to sound in particular. Once upon a time I was classically trained singer. If I hadn’t gotten into NYU for theater I probably would’ve been a music therapy major elsewhere. I believe music and sound and vibration can be deeply healing. And even if it’s not, I enjoy the experience of sound baths. I’m hoping to do a more in depth post about sound baths if that’s something you guys are interested in!

Also, be sure to check out the Rooted With Love guide here. Congrats, Leslie + Lauren!


▶︎ A quick walk on the beach.

I don’t usually make it to the west side of LA when I’m here — it’s a bit far from where I stay in West Hollywood. The Rooted with Love event was in Venice so I took it as a sign that I had to at least see the beach and dip my feet in the sand. I ended up walking from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica pier. It was such a simple thing — a 30+ minute walk. But it was also so so so glorious. Is there anything better than salty ocean air?

I love NYC but sometimes I dream of moving here just so I can experience the beach and warm weather year round.


▶︎ Where I’ve been working out.

Since I’ve been here I’ve hit up a classes at:

  • CorePower Yoga, Hollywood
  • Training Mate, West Hollywood
  • Bar Method, Marina del Ray

I haven’t worked out every day because I wanted to catch up on sleep. There’s also no new studio I’m dying to check out in the area. So, I’ve been sticking to some old favorites while I’m here. CorePower Yoga is free for me as an instructor and walking distance to where I’m staying. I also wanted to steal some yoga sculpt ideas from the West Coast :).

I always, always, always go to Training Mate (<— full review) when I’m here. Without fail I leave a sweaty and with a smile on my face.

And I’ve been on a total Bar Method binge in NYC lately. I actually like that you don’t leave class drenched in sweat. I can leave class and look somewhat decent afterwards. Sweaty or not the workout always leaves me SORE.

So that’s what I’ve been up to on the workout front. And TONS of walking. I am a New Yorker after all!


▶︎ Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

I hadn’t done the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in 5+ years (check out my vintage blog post about it here).

One of the cool things about this tour is that it’s slightly different every time, depending on the TV shows your tour guide highlights. This time around we got to tour the set of both Ellen and The Big Bang Theory. We got to take some photos where they do promo shots for Fuller House. And we got to walk into the “house” where the iconic prom scene in Friends was filmed. So, so, so cool!


▶︎ Disneyland

Yesterday David and I headed to Anaheim for a day at Disneyland + California Adventure. It’s exhausting but oh so worth it. No matter how many times I’ve been, I still love Disney and will never get sick of it. Or riding Space Mountain…


▶︎ Universal Studios, Hollywood.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I love amusement parks. While I’m more of a Disney gal, I do love Universal Studios too. My favorite ride is definitely the Mummy roller coaster. Although the Harry Potter ride kind of blows my mind — how does it WORK!?


▶︎ seeing Mike Birbiglia at Largo.

Gotta love when your favorite comedian ends up is Los Angeles the same week as you. David and I went to go see Mike Birbiglia’s new tour The New One and it was of course excellent. If he’s coming to a city near you, definitely see this show!


▶︎Some LA Eats:

• the Big Macro at M. Cafe.

I’ve had A LOT of veggie burgers in my life, but the Big Macro from M.Cafe might be my favorite. The vegan cheese on it? The best. Also the staff at M.Cafe is beyond kind. Can’t recommend this place enough.


• sushi at Izakaya by Katsuya.

I really, really, really love spicy tuna with crispy rice and have yet to find it in NYC. Whenever I’m in LA I beg to go to Izakaya multiple times just so I can get me some of that crispy rice.


• tea at Alfred Tea Room.

Are you really a millennial blogger in LA if you didn’t go to Alfred ? I kid, I kid. Cliche or not, I adore Alfred and their tasty matcha (and they have oat milk!!!!).

David had the new maple chai and it was also delicious and refreshing.

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