Ep. #4: Creating Your Own Path w/ Alyssa Gagarin

Today’s episode of WELL-rounded is with Alyssa Gagarin, healthy chef, fitness instructor at City Row and one of the most energetic people I know. If you haven’t watched her cooking videos you are seriously missing out. We bonded over instagram thanks to our mutual backgrounds in musical theater as well as our love of fitness and healthy living.

We cover a lot of ground in this chat — where Alyssa finds her energy, tips for people who are fearful in the kitchen, what it’s like to create your own career path and a whole lot more. Alyssa is one of those people that radiates good vibes and positive energy. This episode will leave you laughing and feeling inspired to conquer your kitchen fears. Or at least that’s how I felt afterwards…


  • transitioning from the theater world to wellness world.
  • what it’s REALLY like to work in the fitness industry.
  • the art of saying no.
  • Alyssa’s energy secret.
  • how to land your first fitness gig.
  • why she’s excited about where the fitness industry is heading.
  • tips for getting confident in the kitchen.
  • her number one tip for your health.
  • the magic question: how do you find the time for your own wellness with a bust schedule.
  • favorite musical (<— I couldn’t resist!)
  • + lots more…



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