18 Gifts Under $25 For Every Millennial In Your Life

Every year I’m torn whether or not I should make a holiday gift guide. Maybe it’s cuz I celebrate Chanukah. Or maybe I’m a jerk. Either way, I don’t really buy / give holiday gifts. Yes I’ll get something for my mom. But even Jeremy and I have stopped giving each other gifts. We’re just like hey wanna count Hamilton tickets as a holiday gift?

BUT then I thought about some fun brands + products I wanted to highlight. And I know for me personally I use holiday gift guides as a way to shop for myself ūüėā

This year I decided to break it down based on three millennial archetypes. Because whyyyy not:

  • the girl boss
  • the creative
  • the spiritual

Hope you find something fun for a friend… or just for yourself ūüôā

gifts under 25 dollars millennials


The Girl Boss Millennial

For the girl boss, entrepreneur, freelance gal in your life

millennial gift guide: the girl boss

‚óŹ In the Company of Woman:¬†Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

‚óŹ Girls Just Wanna Be CEO – notebook

‚óŹ HUSTLE necklace

‚óŹ Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk print

‚óŹ monthly planner

‚óŹ The Future is Female – tote


The Creative Millennial

For the artsy gal in the your life

millennial gift guide girl boss

‚óŹ Big Magic¬†by Elizabeth Gilbert

‚óŹ Aura Quatz | Creativity perfume

‚óŹ ¬†gel pens

‚óŹ iPhone Wide Angle lens

‚óŹ “I Am Very Busy” pencil case

‚óŹ Avocado Eraser + Sharpener set


The Woo-Woo (and Woo-Woo Curious) Millennial

For the crystal-lover in your life

millennial gift guide spiritual

‚óŹ Practical Magic: Little Box of Charms & Spells

‚óŹ Affirmators! Affirmation Cards

‚óŹ Smudge Kit

‚óŹ The Astrotwins’ 2018 Horoscope Guide + Planetary Planner

‚óŹ Material Girl, Mystical World

‚óŹ Palo Santo – spray


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