Favorite Things From October + November

I swear I try to be a good blogger and plan ahead, but sometimes life happens (y’know my full time job and other commitments). My October faves have been half written for the past month so I decided to wait it out and combine ‘em with November. Also I’m omitting almost all things California and marathon even though they were the highlight of not just October and November, but 2015 as a whole.

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Fashion I’m Loving

This adorable crop from Y7 Studios.

y7 yoga crop top

I don’t typically purchase studio branded clothing… mainly because I don’t want to be that girl wearing the rival fitness studio’s gear by accident in class. Couldn’t pass up this top though. I also think I’ve included a crop top in every favorites round-up. Whoops…


Foods I’m Loving

Nola Bars

I first learned about Nola Bars from Kristine and I’m absolutely obsessed. These “power bars” are made with ingredients you can pronounce (uh with the exception of quinoa) and are literally baked with love by founder Jordan and shipped out shortly after. The best part? They taste AMAZING.

photo via Nola



My favorite snack has always been popcorn– as a kid I would come home from school and enjoy some microwave popcorn with my mom while doing homework. Nowadays, I keep it simple and air pop kernels in a brown paper lunch bag folded over a few times. Microwave for roughly 2 minutes (listen to make sure you don’t burn it!) and you’ve got yourself a delicious snack. I personally just add salt, but the great thing about popcorn is you can play around with the flavor and make it savory or sweet.

If you have one of those fancy air poppers, more power to ya.


Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

For the month of October I went hardcore dairy-free because of the marathon. I’m typically almost entirely dairy-free but make an exception for Indian food, cookies and chocolate every so often. I was pretty devastated when I realized that my intense dairy-free month would coincide with Halloween and I wouldn’t get to enjoy my beloved Reeses. Luckily my friend Leah came to the rescue and dropped off some Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. They’re not labeled as dairy free or vegan because of the possibility of cross contamination. In my situation that’s not a big deal.

They hit the spot and I was a happy, dairy-free, camper. SO good.




The month of October was all about CARBS. Good thing Jeremy loves bread as much as I do and was game to eat all the carbs with me. We went to Local 92 in the East Village a few times for their amazing pita and hummus. I’ve had a lot of hummus and can honestly say theirs in the best I’ve ever had. It’s so so good. I’m also a huge fan of their falafel. Jeremy and I have been loving this chickpea filled meal as a late dinner after seeing a show.


Blossom du Jur

Reason number 413901 why I’m never leaving Greenwich Village: SO MUCH GOOD VEGAN FOOD. And no, I’m not vegan. Just lactose intolerant and no red meat :)

Blossom’s new store on 13th Street is one of the best things that’s happen to dinner time. It’s super fast, super cheap and super close to my apartment when I’m feeling too lazy to cook (which is 95% of the time on a weeknight).



Beauty Stuff I’m Loving…

Lola Tampons

I’m not going to get into too much detail about these tampons, but I’m a huge fan of what Lola is doing. First, I love supporting female founded businesses. Lola allows you to customize your tampon box and the number of light, regular and super tampons you receive. It then works like a subscriptions and sends you a box everything month. It’s super easy to change your subscription and skip a month of adjust what you want.

What really makes Lola a win in my book is the fact that it’s made from 100% cotton, unlike many other brands. I think a ton about the foods I consume and keeping those ingredients as simple and natural as possible, but am honestly oblivious about beauty products and what I’m literally putting into my body in the case of tampons. It’s a simple switch.


Heyday Facial

Visiting Heyday has been on my to-do list since they opened a few months ago. Lucky for me I won a giveaway for a free 30 minute facial with a friend from fellow bloggers Ashley and Meaghan. I made a date of it with my BFF since I was 5 years old, Jenna, and we had an awesome evening of pampering and Sweetgreen.

Heyday is doing for facials what Dry Bar did for blowouts– making them accessible and part of a city gals beauty routine. I’ve actually only had one facial when I was still in high school… it wasn’t a great experience and left me with blotchy red skin. This time around I left with my previously dry skin totally moisturized and feeling relaxed. I learned a lot about how to specifically care for my skin, which can be really tough since I have super sensitive, super red skin.

The actual spa is gorgeous and looks like it’s made with instagram photos in mind. They offer to charge your phone during the facial and have a cute little blowout station in the bathroom with Dry Bar products for a quick touch up. Afterwards I received a personalized email with a breakdown of what the esthetician recommended for me. Jenna and I both gave Heyday two thumbs up.

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What I’m Reading…

Yes Please by Amy Poehler


Oh Amy Poehler, I’m so obsessed with you. I waited until Jeremy and I finished watching Parks and Rec on Netflix to start Yes Please. If you haven’t watched Parks and Rec, you should because it’s an incredible show. Like many others, I absolutely loved this book. I don’t typically laugh out loud during books, but totally did here. Jeremy and I would be reading in Washington Square Park together and I’d read him a line on almost every page because it was too funny to keep to myself. After a while he was like please stop, I’m trying to read my own book.

Having taken improv classes and grown up acting, I could totally relate to a lot of the things she talks about in the book. Even if you’re not a performer, Amy is chock full of wisdom and inspiration about being a powerful, functional adult in the workforce.


A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan 

I try to alternate between reading fiction and non-fiction so after Yes Please it was time for some fiction. I really loved this book about a mother working at an up-and-coming start-up determined to “do-it-all”, so to speak. I secretly love reading novels that talk about start-ups in them since I now have a fair amount of experience in the start-up world.

If you’re looking for a light and enjoyable novel, highly recommend.

Other random things…

Starbucks Ordering


I’m shamelessly addicted to Starbucks. Anyone that’s ever travelled with me knows that I need to make a Starbucks pitstop at the beginning of every day. I’m fully aware that other places make better coffee, but I just love my soy chai too too much to go elsewhere.

Starbucks recently updated their app to include ordering ahead– you can punch in your order and pick with store you want to pick it up at and it will be ready in roughly 3 minutes. The first time I did it, it was totally magical– I walked in, breezed pass the line and picked up my chai without breaking my stride. It only saves a few minutes, but every second counts when you’re heading to work in the morning.

Be aware that a few Starbucks locations hold these kind of orders in a separate area and I’ve awkwardly stood around longer than necessary waiting for me order.


A Beautiful Mess photoshop course

Prior to taking this online course I knew nothing about photoshop. I needed to learn how to do simple graphics for work and was totally clueless and a little overwhelmed. This course starts from the very beginning and taught me all the basics I needed to know in an easy to follow format. Within a month I felt like a photoshop pro– even my boss commented on how fast and proficient I’ve become at photoshop.

I personally mainly use photoshop to create cool graphics and do simple photo editing but am happy I learned how to do it all. I now feel comfortable playing around in photoshop when I do need to edit photos. If you’ve always wanted to learn photoshop, I highly recommend this course.


Previous Favorites

Thanksgiving Weekend + Power Four Fitness Review

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Happy Monday, all! Anyone else still in a post-Thanksgiving daze? I had a great weekend surrounded by friends and extended family up in northern Westchester, where I grew up. I’m 100% a city girl at heart, but it’s always nice to get away from the craziness here for a little bit. Jeremy also lives 5 minutes away from my parents, so that’s a nice perk :) .

I was SUPER excited to checkout a new fitness studio in Mt. Kisco, Power Four Fitness. Working out while I’m in Westchester can be tough because there’s not a ton of studios up by my hometown– Soul Cycle in Scarsdale is 40+ minutes away, as are many of the other fitness studios that allow drop-ins. Up by me, typical gym memberships are far more common. I used to have a college membership at one of the gyms which gave me access to zumba classes and my beloved wateraerobics. During my last visit home I noticed the new studio in Mt. Kisco and knew I had to check out it.

power four fitness

Power Four Fitness was definitely influenced by a number of boutique fitness joints in Manhattan. The workout is comprised of 4 stations– treadmill, strength, rowers and trampoline. In the typical class format you rotate stations every 10 minutes, which reminded me a lot of Barry’s Bootcamp or Orange Theory.

The first class I took had two instructors which was awesome– they were able to divide and conquer to give each group their undivided attention. The second class I took was a smaller crew so having only one instructor wasn’t a huge loss.

There’s a DJ at every class so the music was synced up with what we were doing and the lights were dim to create a somewhat “club” atmosphere. I’m not the type to go clubbing (at all…) but it was super fun when the black light would come on during a heavy push.

So how was the actual workout? I loved it. Switching between the four stations meant I was never bored during class. I was happy to start out on treadmill both times though to get running out of the way. Fun fact– it was my first time running since the marathon.

On the treadmill we did a combination of running, jogging, sprints and insane inclines while walking. The cues were generic so we were on our own as far as speed goes unlike other treadmill classes I’ve taken that give you more of a range. It wasn’t the hardest treadmill workout I’ve ever experienced (and maybe that’s because I was conservative with the speed) but it got my heart beating fast.

The strength training portion used a ton of compound movements (think squat to overhead press or lunges with a tricep extension). They have classes focused on different body parts, both classes I took were total body. I wish there would’ve been a little bit more strength training– we only did each move for about 1 minute and 10 minutes of strength training total. I’d be curious about the muscle specific classes.

On the rowers we did a few intervals and weaved in some bicep moves and crunches on the machine.

I was SO excited for the trampoline and sad when we didn’t use it during my first class. In the second class we did a ton of cardio related movements on it like high knees and jacks with our legs, sometimes using small hand weights. We also used it for glute focuses leg lifts. I especially loved the trampoline part because it feels kind of silly and I’m all about fitness being fun.

All in all it’s an awesome option for me while I’m in Westchester. SO excited that the suburbs are finally catching up on the boutique fitness craze and there’s now a fun place for me to sweat.

power4fitness mt. kisco

Besides going to Power Four Fitness, I also hit up a megaformer class at Corelab which always seriously burns. I swear, the only thing that makes my abs SORE is the megaformer. Hurts so good.

In addition to working out, I also spent the weekend eating my way around northern Westchester with Jeremy, catching up with friends in the area and enjoying not one but two Thanksgiving feasts. Quality weekend if you ask me.


Question: Do you workout while you’re away for holidays?

The Best Underwear For Working Out + GIVEAWAY

the best workout underwear1

To all three males that read this blog… you might want to sit this one out…

Let’s talk about the best underwear for working out, a serious problem for people that workout as often as I do. For some reason it’s really hard to find decent undies that aren’t annoying during workouts. I feel like this is a frequent discussion topic among fitness enthusiasts, because good pairs are hard to find.

My Requirements

It has to be a thong. Yes, I’m admitting to only wearing thongs all day, err day. My mama knows this and I’m pretty sure my boss knows this (I work in fitness fashion and frequently tried on our clothing during fittings) so might as well tell the rest of the world.

The real reason I’m pro-thong is because there’s nothing more annoying than underwear bunching or panty lines. I’m not calling anyone out for wearing other types of underwear, just personally find “normal” underwear to cause more wedgies than an actual thong.

Pro tip for thongs– I’ve often times size up and find that that makes them more comfy and less… uh tight. Just my two cents.

It has to be invisible. Besides the fact that I find them more comfortable, one of the pros of wearing a thong is that other people aren’t supposed to see your underwear. Unfortunately, yoga pants don’t go well with the typical Victoria Secret’s underwear I wear because the outline shows a tiny bit.

It has to be comfortable. I don’t want to think about my underwear while I’m working out. I just don’t. There’s nothing more annoying that clothing not cooperating during a workout. Some goes for my undies, I want them to be so comfy I forget about them.

It has to be versatile. Even though I work out a ton, I don’t want to invest in a whole other set of underwear just for working out.


Side note: I don’t wear underwear when I run. Or at least not if I’m wearing shorts. That’s the real reason I prefer running in shorts, less stuff to deal with. Well, now that you also know that about me…


Enter, Empowered By You

empowered by you

At the beginning of summer Empowered by You reached out to me asking if I’d like to try out their underwear. I said yes, not expecting much, but after my first wear they became my favorite underwear both for working out and “every day life” (oh wait, I wear yoga pants 95% of the time…)

Why I Love Them…

They stay in place. They feature little ridges that makes it so they don’t bunch up or slip down. This sounds like a ridiculous problem, but you’d be surprised how annoying it can be otherwise during trapeze or when I’m wearing a dress and underwear is not staying where it should.

They lie flat. No panty lines, no outline on the back of yoga pants thanks to being seamless.

They’re super comfortable. I’ve never had an issue with them, uh, riding up too much or feeling anything but comfortable whether I’m wearing yoga pants, a dress or jeans.

They’re sweat-wicking. They’re super breathable which means I can wear them for both sweaty workouts and every day life.

20% of net proceeds go to empowering women. This money goes towards helping women in poverty create small businesses. I love this on so many levels, first helping someone in this situation create a business in order to support herself + her family is truly amazing. As someone who currently wants to be an entrepreneur and works at a female founded business, I also love anything that supports female entrepreneurs.



Empowered by You was kind enough to invite me to do a giveaway. They’ve recently launched a holiday collection with the above designs by Rebecca Minkoff.


Comment to win a pair of Empowered by You + Rebecca Minkoff underwear by answering either question:

  1. What empowers you.
  2. What do you look for in workout underwear

Contest ends one week from now 11/30 and the winner will be contacted via email. Good luck :)

Marathon Recovery Update

Let’s talk about marathon recovery. It feels really good to be sore.

Okay, sure I was frequently sore throughout training, but it always felt isolated to one section of my body. Sore quads and tight hips. This past week my triceps and core have been SO sore, something I haven’t experienced in a while. Strength training, I missed you so!


Getting back into working out has been harder than I expected. Obviously I enjoy working out, hence the fitness blog, but finding the motivation to wake up early and go workout after being super disciplined for 17 weeks has been tough. I feel like my sense of motivation is fatigued, if that makes sense.

So, I listened to my body and took it easy focusing on yoga and spin. Then I went to Uplift because it always makes me happy and I knew I could modify the high impact moves accordingly. I got an ass kicking cold somewhere in there and took that as a hint to slow the eff down and listen to my body some more.

And now I’m back. Burpee-ing, kettle bell swinging and weight lifting like my old self. And it feels real good. Even though I ended up enjoying marathon training for more than I was expecting, something about group fitness classes fill me with so much joy. I just love them.

I do have to admit that I feel like a stranger in my own body right now. I feel a little puffier than usual. I know I always focus on being super body positive, and I will not for a second diss my own body– this body just ran a freaken marathon and that’s awesome. At the same time I am still a 25 year old girl who wants to feel confident in her own body and have her jeans fit. The combination of taper, recovery and mediocre eating habits has me feeling blah about my body lately.

I know I am weaker than usual too. Push-ups? So tough! They’ve never been a problem for me previously. Body, is that you?

It’s only temporary. That’s what I keep reminding myself. I know soon enough I’ll be back to my old push-upping self. Until then I’ll continue to listen to my body and ease back into strength training and intense workouts.


Marathoners chime in– what’s your recovery process like?