Bouldering & Breakfast with Naked Juice

Last Wednesday I started off my morning with a serious adrenaline rush thanks to Steep Rock Bouldering and Naked Juice.


When Naked Juice invited me to taste test their newest fruit and veggie smoothies while also partaking in some pre-work bouldering I certainly couldn’t say no. Bouldering is pretty similar to rock climbing, but the big difference is there’s no safety ropes or belaying system. In bouldering you stay a lot closer to the ground and cover more distance laterally.

Before climbing my instructor gave me a safety briefing and some basic rules of bouldering. It’s been a hot second since I’ve done any sort of rock climbing so I was a wee bit nervous and asked to start on one of the easier paths. I thought I was going to be a lot more scared once my feet left the ground considering the fact that there’s no harness or belaying system, but felt surprisingly at ease while I was climbing.



Most people’s instinct is to “muscle” their way through with their arm strength– myself included. The downside is that your arms are going to get tired way too fast if you rely on them. I was instructed to use my legs to hoist instead, and keep my arms straight as much as possible. Savor that arm strength!!

While climbing the goal is to follow a predetermined path and not stray from your path, so  in the above picture I was following the black tape marks and  only touched rocks associated with the black tape. Coming down it’s a free for all and you can touch any rock.



I had to trust my body, a lot. Any time I was worried about slipping or getting tired in the middle of a run I reminded myself “Kayla, you’re pretty strong” and entrusted that my body was indeed strong enough to not let me fall. There were no Kaylas injured in the making of this blog post.

Once my hands were tired from climbing I got to taste test the new flavors of Naked Juice.

My favorite was the chia sweet peach. I’m a sucker for all things peach and really liked the texture from the chia seeds.

Sadly, I had to head off to work afterwards and couldn’t spend all day climbing. I really want to go back to Steep Rock with Jeremy and some friends soon to try out the other pathways. It’s a surprisingly big facility so there’s still plenty more than I wasn’t able to explore– and far more difficult options.

I decided I’m a huge fan of adrenaline rushes before 8AM, gets the day started right! Can I request some 6AM flying trapeze classes this summer :) ?


Question: have you ever gone bouldering?

What’s your favorite Naked Juice flavor?

Class Review: Dash 28 at Mile High Run Club

The Scoop:


I’m calling it: treadmill classes are totally having a moment… and I’m not complaining. As someone who does in fact refer to this machine as the dreadmill and refuses to do training runs on said dreadmill, I surprisingly love treadmill classes and think they are a great new addition to the fitness scene. One of the first things I did after activating my FitReserve membership was sign up for a class at Mile High Run Club which I had heard lots of great things about.


The Studio:

I didn’t spend much time in the locker room since I took class after work. From what I gathered it’s a tight squeeze but nicely set up with a few vanity mirrors and up to par with other boutique fitness studios as far as products go. There are also plenty of lockers right outside the classroom which is where I ended up stashing my stuff.

The classroom itself is spacious and kind of cool looking– it’s all white with colored lights as the only source of light. There’s 37 wood way treadmills. If you’ve never run on one of these bad boys you’re in for a treat. When it comes to treadmills they are the best you can get for a commercial gym and you definitely feel the difference. I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s like running on clouds (I’ll save that metaphor for the baller Alter-G treadmill) but it does absorb shock better than your average ‘mill.

Side note: the front desk staff was especially nice. Not that I usually encounter unfriendly front desk staff.


The Class:

Each treadmill has a “cheat sheet” with recommended speed for whatever fitness level you’re at. While MHRC is certainly trying to attract “serious” runners, I love that they still manage to make the class not intimidating to those who are not runners by nature. During class I stuck to a hybrid combo of recommended speed for joggers and a low key version of what they recommend for hardcore runners. Keep in mind I’m still getting back into running after a 8 month hiatus.

We started off with a dynamic stretch off the treadmill, something I’ve never seen in a treadmill class. Off to a great start in my opinion!

Next it was treadmill time for the 28 minute running interval workout. The thought of 28 minutes on a treadmill is pretty daunting if you ask me, but the constantly changing intervals and frequent form cues makes it anything but boring. One of the reasons I love treadmill classes, and MHRC in particular is I push myself SO much harder than if I was on the treadmill, at the gym, alone. I was rocking speeds like 8.0 MPH, say what?

Before the final stretch, we ended class with the strength training portion off the treadmills with kettlebells. This portion was a bit lackluster compared to the intensity on the treadmill. Since it’s less than 10 minutes it feels like an afterthought rather than an important proponent of the workout. If there Mile High can improve on anything it’s the meh kettle bell section at the end.

Class ended with a well deserved cool-down and stretch.

My instructor, Andia, was so freaken cool. It’s kind of a weird class to instruct since there’s not a whole lot of demo-ing going on for the bulk of the class. Andia was amazing about working the room, checking in on everyone, offering form correction and tips to each and every one of us, and giving us lots of energy to keep us going. The class was chock full of nuggets of wisdom about running such as what you should be feeling, what your feet should be doing, which is something I’ve never experienced during other treadmill classes.

 Bottom Line:

When it comes to treadmill workouts I think Mile High Run Club caters to the true runners and people who are currently in training mode. Little things like a white board to list the race your training for or your running hero are a nice touch and makes the studio feel like a community of runners. I already signed up for my second class :)

The Deets:

Mile High Run Club

28 E 4th Street (between Lafayette and Bowery)
New York, NY 10003

Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Sound Off: Silent Yoga

Because I’m an old soul deep down inside I only just heard about Silent Discos. For my fellow old geezers, a silent disco is where people listen to music at a club via wireless headphones instead of a speaker system. It’s a pretty cool idea– if you want to talk to a friend, just take out the headphones, no need to scream over loud music. Only downside is I’m not much of a partier so I don’t think it would really be my scene

Enter Silent Yoga, definitely more my scene. I was super excited when Sound Off invited me to attend a Silent Yoga class at the South Street Seaport SUGARCUBE. The event actually had so much buzz around it that they added an extra day of classes to accommodate everyone.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Upon checking in I received my headset. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but was ready to go with the flow, literally. Our instructor Gina taught the whole class via a mic that was feeding into the headset and there was a live DJ, DJ Panic mixing sounds. I loved the mixture of soothing thunderstorm sounds with low key house music throughout class, super relaxing. I had seen cool backlight pictures from the previous silent yoga classes, and unfortunately because my class was at 4:30PM it was still too bright out, however the white cube still had a funky glow and I liked the colored lighting.

With the noise canceling headsets it was easy to block out the outside world of NYC– even when I saw some tourists ogling at us through the glass door. I was totally “in the zone” for the entire class and found it easier to tune into my body, the breath and the instructor without the additional background noise. If you’ve ever had an annoying breather next to you in yoga, you know what I mean.

After class I felt super light and relaxed, perfect way to finish off my weekend.

Processed with VSCOcam with s5 preset

I asked if there would be more silent yoga events as the weather gets warmer, Sound Off is figuring out the logistics but definitely wants to bring the experience outdoors this summer. Count me in!

Check out DJ Panic’s recordings from class.

A Week in Workouts + FitReserve

This weekend was the epitome of lazy yet productive so it was pretty awesome. Nothing better than catching up on sleep, seeing a show with my parents, brunching with a friend, doing a bit of spring cleaning around the apartment… and a decent amount of lounging on the couch as well.

Couch + yoga pants on a rain Saturday = Bliss :)

Now I’m well rested and ready to conquer the week!

I haven’t done a workout recap in awhile and wanted to chitchat about how things have changed on the fitness front since starting my new job. There have been a number of mornings where sleeping the extra 1.5 hours instead of waking up at 5:15AM has felt like a better choice, and I’m honestly okay with that. I’ve taken more rest days than I typically do and haven’t done a two-a-day in ages. Sometimes I go to the gym after work and only stay for 30 minutes because I’m hungry and just want to go home.


But honestly, I feel fine. I tried on my favorite pair of shorts out of curiosity and they fit the same way they always do. In yoga class tonight my chaturungas felt uncharacteristically strong which was exciting.

While I’ve always been cautious and careful about overexercising by listening to my body, taking rest days, mixing up high intensity days with lower intensity days, sometimes less really can be more. Not working out for 2 weeks in Israel was eye opening and something I was initially kind of nervous about.

I’m not saying skip all your workouts– at the end of the day I love endorphins, I’m proud of my biceps and working out keeps my anxiety at bay, but don’t beat yourself up over a skipped workout here and there, a busy week, or not staying at the gym as long as you wanted to.

Last Week

Monday: Clock change = I was sleepy. Walked at least 3 miles though.
Tuesday: Dash 28 @ Mile High Run Club
Wednesday: Rest. I fail at waking up early this week
Thursday: Soul Cycle
Friday: Soul Cycle
Saturday: Body Space Fitness
Sunday: Yoga

This week

Monday: Strength @ Uplift
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Dash 28 @ Mile High Run Club 
Thursday: Soul Cycle + Yoga
Friday: Soul Cycle
Saturday: Metabolic Burn @ Body Space Fitness
Sunday: Ballet Fit

Transparency for ya, I have not been paying out of pocket for the majority of  classes I’ve been taking. Yelp teamed up with Soul Cycle this month to offer select free classes at one of their studios + I have a trial membership of FitReserve (affiliate link) for March as well.

When FitReserve reached out to me I was pretty pumped to check it out. For $150/ month you can take up to 10 classes at various fitness studios in NYC, visit each studio 4 times and have access to full schedules at all studios from what I’ve gathered. The lineup of studios includes Exhale, Mile High Run Club, Exceed, Peloton, Body Space Fitness, Uplift and a bunch of others. They sneakily added Uplift to the roster one day this week. I actually called Jeremy freaking out with excitement, that’s how much I love Uplift.

So far I’ve been really impressed with the easy sign up process and haven’t experienced any snags when it comes to scheduling. I’ve been able to get into some peak classes at peak time slots less than 12 hours before class time which is pretty sweet.

I probably should be venturing outside my comfort zone and exploring more new-to-me classes, but I’ve been really loving visiting some old favorites with FitReserve. I’ll give y’all a full round up of all the classes I took this month and my thoughts– so far so good!


Your turn: What’s on the workout schedule for this week?
Anyone else struggling to wake up early with the time change….?