To Half Or Not To Half

First, I found my new favorite restaurant ever.


After work I met up with my friends Annica at WILD in the West Village, a restaurant with vegan AND gluten-free pizza options. When I first heard about the place from a work blog post I edited I knew Annica and I had to go ASAP– she’s gluten-free, I’m lactose intolerant, and we usually eat a lot of sushi together since it’s a common ground. I ordered the skinny bitch with the vegan mozzarella “cheese” and it hit the spot. I’m far free gluten-free, in fact my daily diet is pretty gluten filled, however I still loved the super thin gluten-free crust from WILD. I think we found a new favorite post-work dinner spot.


Now on to other, less tasty things…


I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should drop out of the Hartford Half Marathon. I haven’t started training, at all… unless you count taking a bajillion group fitness classes as training for a half marathon. Even though it was a pretty mild summer temperature wise, especially compared to last summer’s heat waves, I still haven’t been all that interested in running. Instead I’ve been having too much fun checking out all the group fitness classes from work.

When I signed up for the race I felt like I had to. How could I not run a fall half marathon? So I chose this race because my friend is running the full that day as well and it seemed like an obvious choice. Half marathon #3 doesn’t seem that exciting though. I’m feeling all “been there done that”. I’m not saying that 13.1 isn’t a challenge—I sure as hell wouldn’t casually run that today since I haven’t trained one bit. I just don’t feel excited about this race.

I was excited about the Diva Half marathon because it was my first. I was excited about The Nike Women’s Half because I got to fundraise for a charity super important to my family, and I got a Tiffany necklace at the finish line. I’m not saying I need a greenish blue box at the finish line to get me to run another half… but it definitely helped.

Wrapped up like one happy burrito…

The truth is, I don’t love running. There are times when I enjoy running, but more often than not it wouldn’t be my first choice of workouts. I’ve known this all along, and have definitely grown to enjoy it more, but it’s still not love. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I have my eye on a few other challenges– continuing to perfect my layout at trapeze, participating in Uplift’s Fall Challenge and checking out new classes for work. Running a half marathon this fall isn’t my first priority anymore, and that’s okay.

So I have a decision to make, one of these days.

I was invited to participate in Run10Feed10 which may end up serving as a test “run” so to speak to see where I am… and awkward transition– if you’re interested in participating you can save $5 by using the promo code R10F10PR


Soaking Up Summer + Workout Recap

Hey hey! How was your weekend? Jeremy and I ended up spending the majority of ours outside, which was fine by me since it won’t be warm in New York much longer.

Saturday we headed to the Bronx to go see the Yankees. It was hot, humid, and looked like rain for most of the game but at least the Yankees won again the Royals and we got to drink some beer and eat some popcorn :)




Today the humidity finally broke– oddly enough this week has probably been the hottest week of summer and it was y’know September. Without the humidity it was simply GORGEOUS out and we totally took advantage of the weather by eating brunch outside with my BFF David who is visiting from California




and then Jeremy and I spent our afternoon reading in Washington Square Park until dinner.

photo 1


My current read: The Vacationers. More often than not I read non-fiction, usually fitness-y stuff, social media-y stuff or memoirs of interesting people (aka Tina Fey…) but lately I’ve been in the mood for fluffy beach reads at the end of a long work day. So far this one hits the spot!


Workout Recap

Monday: Labor Day aka Kayla Sleeps In Day
Tuesday: Accidental rest day – locked out of the class
Wednesday: Uplifting Strength @ Uplift + 2 hour trapeze class
Thursday: Cycling @ Monster Cycle
Friday: Uplifting Strength @ Uplift
Saturday: Metabolic Burn @ Body Space Fitness
Sunday: Signature Fhix @ The Fhitting Room

What Worked: All in all it was a good week. I seriously loved the class I took this morning at The Fhitting Room– I mean I always love it there, but this morning’s workout just hit the spot even when I was sleepy on a Sunday morning. The combination of stuff this week seemed to really work for my body– 2 days of mainly strength (Uplift), 2 days of metabolic circuit style workouts that mix lots of cardio and strength (BSF + Fhitting) and 1 day of cycling aka pure cardio.

What didn’t work: I was pretty bummed about my pilates tower class on Tuesday getting cancelled because we were locked out of the studio (womp womp) however I think the two rest days were necessary. Silver lining, eh?

Labor Day Weekend + Workout Recap


Happy Labor Day weekend! Anyone up to anything fun? Yesterday I went to Yonkers to visit my good friend Samantha who just had a gorgeous baby girl. Holding this teeny tiny 3 week old baby made me realize that this was probably the youngest baby I’ve ever held (granted I’ve held maybe 2 babies in my entire life…) I was joking that at 8 pounds she was lighter than the dumbbells I had bicep curled earlier that day.

I’ve been at my parent’s house in Westchester since last night visiting Jeremy. I’m hoping the weather cooperates today and we can spend some of it outside either kayaking at my Grandma’s house or riding on the amazing bike trail here. Fingers crossed for some outdoors time!


Workout Recap

This week ended up being another killer on the workout front.

Monday: Strength @ Uplift
Tuesday: Signature Fhix @ The Fhitting Room
Wednesday: Strength @ Uplift
Thursday: Box & Bell @ BFX and 2 hour trapeze
Friday: REST
Saturday: Burn @ BFX
Sunday: Strength @ Uplift

What worked:

Anytime I can get in 3 sessions at Uplift is a solid week if you ask me! Not only is it one of my favorite class, it’s also a solid strength focused class and I always leave there feeling like I had an awesome workout.

My trapeze class Thursday was SO good. I don’t know if it was the cappuchino I chugged at 7:30pm before class (oops) or just where I am these days but I left there practically skipping I was so giddy after a class of throwing solid layouts.

What didn’t work:

First… I needed that rest day way earlier than I took it. By Thursday night I was a hurting puppy and probably would’ve cancelled my trapeze class on a account of soreness if they didn’t have a 72 hour cancellation policy (yup 72 hours!). I’m happy I went though because I ended up having a super strong class—luckily my soreness was in my legs and not my upper body.

There were a lot of similar workouts this week—Fhitting Room is HIIT as was Burn at BFX. I would have preferred to switch out one of those for something lower impact like a spin class.


Any exciting labor day weekend plans?
Anyone else wait too late to take a rest day this week…

Adjusting to 9 to 5 Life

Anyone else obsessed with this Every Simpsons Episode Ever Marathon? The boy and I totally got sucked into watching a few hours over the weekend and it brought back old memories of watching The Simpsons as a kid with my family. Probably not the most kid-friendly show… but watching these episodes again now I can say the raunchy humor went way over my head.

Any who…


I’ve now been working “full time” at my job for almost 3 months (minus that 2 week stint in Israel…). For those of you new to the blog, after graduating college two years ago I spent the first year out juggling 6 different part time jobs in the fitness industry all at once. My work hours varied from waking up at 4AM for my front desk position at a fitness studio, to teaching a 7:30pm spin class. My schedule was all over the place to say the least.

Last year I was back in school while still working part time at the fitness studio for the fall semester, and then I started working part time at my current company in the spring. My schedule became a little more predictable since class and work were always the same hours. I also had lots of “down time” and was able to come back to my apartment in between classes every day to make lunch… and watch Sex and the City reruns.

Now that I’m working full time I’m beyond thrilled but also still adjusting to this new schedule. It’s taken some getting used to and here’s what I’ve learned so far…


1. Morning workouts are crucial. Contrary to popular belief I’m so not a morning person. Even so I love getting my workout over with first thing the morning. There is some flexibility in my work schedule to take an afternoon class every so often, but I’ve found working out first thing in my morning is my best bet.

2. Pack bag the night before. There’s nothing worst than rummaging around and packing my stuff at 6AM when I’m also trying to scarf down some food before heading out to a class. For this reason I always try and pack my bag for work the night before with whatever I need for the day– change of clothes, make up, toiletries, you name it.

3. Prep lunch the night before. One of the hardest things to adjust to for me has been not being able to go home for lunch. For the past two years, and even throughout college, I’ve almost always made lunch at home in the middle of the day. Nowadays I try to bring lunch to work as much as possible. At night I make a conscious effort to make time to prepare lunch for the next day– cut up whatever fruit or veggies I’m making and make whatever else I’m bringing. Lunch is usually nothing fancy– a wrap with turkey and hummus or left overs from dinner, however preparing the night before makes the morning much easier.

4. Food shop on Sunday and do some meal prep. If I don’t go food shopping by Tuesday, I know it’s not going to happen at all for the week… so I do my best to get it done on Sunday. Unfortunately Whole Foods is a mad house during the day, and I usually spend weekends with the boy, so food shopping usually happens late Sunday night. When I come home I wash what I can right away and try and figure out a loose plan for the week. Food prep and cooking is still something I struggle with, but I’m working on it!!

5. Don’t over do it during the week. I have a tendency to overbook my week– hanging out with friends, seeing theater, trapeze, taking fitness classes, work events and so on. While I love all of these things and feel lucky to have fun things happening in my life, I know I also need some nights where I have down time to veg out and take care of myself.

6. Remember “me” time. Some weeks have been crazy with work events and other happenings, but I always try to remember to schedule something just for me– whether it’s a trapeze class, pedicure or even a low-key night with old friends.


What are your tips for living the 9-to-5 life style?