Full Body at Barry’s

Oh weekend, how quickly you fly by.

Last night the boy and I ended up getting last minute tickets at the TKTS booth in Time Square to First Date. The musical was super cute and we both left the show happy that we ended up seeing it. Bonus- it was snowing in Time Square right before we went into the theater. You could literally hear the tourist screaming with glee for snow.

This morning I faced my long time fear of Barry’s Bootcamp and finally took a class.

When it comes to fitness I’m not afraid of most things– cardio dance class? Love ’em… I took dance classes my entire life. Spin class? Yes please. HIIT classes? You bet. And of course I do flying trapeze so I’m all for quirky fitness classes. But for some reason Barry’s always intimidated me– something about the treadmills and rumors about vomit buckets (note, I did not see any vomit buckets. This may have just been a misleading rumor I overheard). I’m happy to say that I survived! And actually kind of loved it!

Classes at Barry’s have two parts, the treadmills and the floor. The floor section is your typical strength training. Every day at Barry’s focuses on a different section of the body like chest and abs or legs. Today was a full body day so we did a lot of different things with lots of focus on the biceps, legs and abs. The treadmill portion is literally what it sounds like, you run on the treadmills based on what the instructor tells you. This is the part I was most anxious about since I’m not a particularly fast runner, nor am I too keen on the treadmill.

Today’s class was with Tood Mendiola who I already know from working with him at Flywheel. It was comforting to be taking class with an instructor I already knew and nice to get a few shout outs when he noticed me working extra hard. I’m sure all instructors there will take good care of newbies though.

The actual class FLEW by. Since you’re constantly switching between treadmills and floor there’s little time to get bored with one thing. The moves we were doing on the floor never lasted very long (generally 45 seconds) and for every tough sprint on the treadmill there was a glorious recovery.

I ended up enjoying the treadmill section WAY more than I anticipated. When I’m on my own at the gym jogging away on the treadmill it’s a pretty terrible experience. I ended up at speeds I’ve never run at on the treadmill. My eyes were wide when I was staring at an 8.00 pace. Something about that environment pushed me to try higher speeds than I would on my own, and I surprised myself.

One of my favorite things was Todd’s focus on confidence. When you do something you didn’t think you could do, like run at an 8.5 on the treadmill, it builds your confidence. I mean, isn’t that what working out is all about at it’s core? Doing things you didn’t think were possible.

The actual facilities are gorgeous and well kept. There’s even a smoothie (er protein shake?) bar where you can order your drink before class and it’s waiting for you. How convenient is that?

All in all, I really enjoyed the class, and was a sweaty sweaty mess afterwards. I can definitely see myself going back, especially while I’m training for a race.


Here’s the workout recap for the week. Not too shabby

Monday-  barre + run. 6 mile run what what!
Tuesday- Uplift Strength cycling + trapeze
Wednesday- barre + run Wednesday always ends up being rest. oops!
Thursday- Uplift Strength.
Friday- uplift strength
Saturday- REST
Sunday- Barry’s Boot Camp


Monday: Uplift Strength
Tuesday: Cycling + Run, weather pending
Wednesday: Uplift Strength
Thursday: Turkey Trot! 5 mile run
Friday:  Bikram or Bootcamp depending
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: TBD. Possibly barre, Barry’s, or something else fun.

What workout scares you?
I always get antsy before new-to-me workouts, but I don’t think I’m too scared of anything now that I conquered barrys 🙂

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