Studio Review: I.AM.YOU Yoga

I.AM.YOU has been on my “must try” list for some time now. I’ve been told numerous stories from people that hated yoga until they tried out this class. Talk about hype.

I can totally see why now. The vibe is different, the flow is athletic and sweaty yet fun. In one word it was bliss.

The Studio

I.AM.YOU Studio Review

Clue one that this isn’t your typical yoga class– the studio is literally owner Lauren’s apartment. Like, I saw her husband leave for work before class. Home-y, you bet.

The set up is gorgeous, though, a large living room with plenty of room for mats and natural lighting. I totally dug the atypical vibe– records on the wall, unique artwork, hello downtown NYC. Let’s face it, this apartment is nicer and cooler than my own and everything is immaculately clean.

I didn’t check out the bathroom situation since there was a line to get changed. It’s a single bathroom (hi, apartment), something¬†to be aware of it you need to change before or after class.

Mats, blocks, towels and blankets were already set up when I walked in. Made this newbie feel welcomed and I’m glad I didn’t lug my mat from home.

The Class

I.AM.YOU Studio Review
(for the record my class only had about 10 participants at 7AM)

The studio offers a handful of different classes. Being the weirdo early bird that I am, I opted for the 7AM sunrise class that’s an hour long. Their signature class is 90 minutes.

Before class instructor Lindsey referred to what was to come as an athletic vinyasa class. Initially this struck me with fear— I’m supposed to go to trapeze tonight, please please please don’t burnout my already temperamental shoulders/ rotator cuff. Don’t worry, my shoulders cooperated.

The quick flow was precisely planned out and just worked really well. We moved at a rapid pace yet I found it to be meditative. I was so focused on the movement and the breath that I couldn’t let that annoying chatter from the back of my head force it’s way in.

The selection of movements we flowed between were on the more athletic side of yoga– lots of side planks and lunges as opposed to warrior I variations.

By the end of class I had worked up enough of a sweat that was ready for that final shivasana but not so much that I felt disgusting going to the dentist without a shower #sorrydentist.

I don’t remember and song specifics but remember thinking the music was very perfect and intentional. I had read beforehand that I.AM.YOU certainly prides themselves in having killer music and I wasn’t disappointed.

Instructor Lindsey was welcoming and provided great adjustments throughout. She set the tone for the class and made it tough yet enjoyable. I find that yoga teachers sometimes struggle to find that happy medium between teaching a tough, unique class yet still being “yogi-esq”. Lindsey nailed it. My favorite thing ever is when instructors do adjustments during shivasana. I wanted to do a happy dance after she gently adjusted my neck.

I can’t quite pinpoint what it was I loved about the class compared to other yoga classes I’ve been taking lately, so I’m going to say it was the whole package experience– the warm vibes, good tunes and the sweaty yet doable flow.


Side note: Because of the quick pace I wouldn’t recommend the class for absolute beginners that are not familiar with the terminology.

Bottom line

Believe the hype. I personally dug this class and left there wondering how soon I can make it back to their early morning class.



132 Mulberry Street // Apt 6E, New York, NY
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photos via I.AM.YOU

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