All the Classes: Pop Physique, Inferno Pilates, BollyX, & Muscles Are The New Sexy

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I’ve been taking all the classes lately. Group fitness was a huge part of my marathon training, but I felt limited to taking classes I was already familiar with. Towards the end I didn’t want to try anything new for fear of tweaking something or being excessively sore, plus I had to fit all my workouts in around running.

I feel like a kid in a candy shop now that I can take whatever classes I want again.

One of my favorite parts about blogging is getting to take new-to-me classes and report back. Since I’ve been hitting up a ton of classes lately, I thought I’d do a quick mini review of some of the places I’ve been checking out.

The Class: Inferno Pilates at The Yoga Loft, Tribeca

Pilates? Tough. Tabata intervals? Tough. Hot yoga? Real tough. Mix ’em all together and you’ve got Inferno Pilates which oh my god was insanely hard. And I don’t think that’s just because I’m hella weak post-marathon.

Even without the added heat (which was probably somewhere around 100 degrees) the class is way more cardio driven and intense than a typical pilates mat class. We did burpees IN A HEATED ROOM. I liked that the class was fast paced whereas some pilates mat classes feel a bit lethargic. Most of our moves were done tabata style– 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Interval training is great because you can convince yourself that 20 seconds is nothing… even when you feel like you’re going to die.

I was literally a puddle of sweat and fatigued muscles by the end of class.

The Yoga Loft is a beautiful studio that specialized in hot yoga. I’m not a huge fan of Bikram studios that have a rug in the heated room, something about that just feels icky to me. This studio instead boasts a unique floor that wasn’t slippy and didn’t stink. My kind of hot yoga studio. The bathrooms don’t have fancy products, but are incredibly clean if you need to shower off after class. Trust me, you probably do.


The Class: Muscles Are The New Sexy at The Works

How catchy is that name? As many of you know by now I love me some strength training and was pretty psyched to take a class focused on muscles. Please help this marathoner out!

There was only 3 of us in class which meant we got a ton of corrections and adjustments throughout class. The way class worked was one person was doing the main exercise while the other 2 were alternating between a cardio move and rest. So like while I was doing kettle bell swings, one person was doing 10 seconds of jumping jacks, and the third was resting. Kind of hard to explain. 

We worked as a team to conquer 75 burpees (which meant each person did 25), then 100 kettle bell swings, 125 TRX rows, 175 squat thrusts and 200 hits with the battle rope. The “parter moves” were mainly cardio focused– jumping jacks and such.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the format, partner workouts are not my jam and it got a little bit repetitive after awhile. I thought the class was going to be more strength focused based on the name, but I found it to be pretty cardio intensive. I loved the small class size though and was able to get adjustments as needed plus I was surprisingly sore the next day.

The Works specializes in training people doing body building competitions.


The Class: BollyX

Cardio dance classes– either you love ’em or you hate ’em. As a lifelong dancer, I’m totally a fan and it reminds me of dancing for the pure joy of dancing as a kid. BollyX does what Zumba did for Latin music but to Bollywood tunes. I’m a sucker for a class that is so much fun you forget that it’s technically a workout.

Most of the class is simple “follow the leader” cardio dance numbers. I liked the fun Indian flare, it actually reminded me a ton of my African Dance days (yep, I was required to take African Dance freshman year of college!). At the end we learned a two minute routine and then treated it like a fun performance number.

I was totally shocked that there were three guys roughly around my age in class and it seemed like they were regulars. Um, WHAT?  Seeing guys in a cardio dance class is pretty rare!

The instructor, Clara was a firecracker with infectious energy. It was hard not to smile and simply have a good time– it’s just dance, no need to take it seriously.

BollyX currently rents space at dance studios in Manhattan.


The Class: Kore Fitness

I’ve been dying to go to Kore since I saw their tagline Burpees + Bells + Beats. Uh, yes please.

New Yorkers are all about their HIIT (high intensity interval training) these days. Workouts like these are awesome because it’s a dynamic, full body workout and covers all your bases in one class. In this class we did circuits of all sorts using the kettle bells, TRX, medicine balls and our own body weight. There were a ton of modifications throughout class to make it harder or easier. I’m always looking for solid places to workout before work and will definitely be adding Kore into the mix.

As far as the actual studios goes, both the classroom and locker room feel a bit claustrophobia, however I will say the design is really classy and the studio boasts top notch products in the bathroom.

I’m heading back again in the next week and will probably do a more in-depth review as well 🙂


The Class: Pop Physique

YAS POP PHYSIQUE IS FINALLY IN NEW YORK! I remember seeing Pop Physique advertisements in LA one of my first times there and wondered what the heck that workout was with American Apparel looking models?

I had a ton of fun checking out Pop Physique during a special blogger class at 6:30AM. It’s always a ton of fun going to class with other bloggers because we are all hanging around taking awkwardly staged photos and snapchatting in the middle of class.

Barre isn’t my favorite workout, but I still had a lot of fun and liked the format of the class– start out in the middle of the room and get arms out of the way early on (always rough for me thanks to my bad rotator cuff) and then move over to the bar for legs, glutes and abs. I liked the arm section more than I usually do during a barre class, we did a lot of tricep and bicep moves as opposed to shoulders and rotator cuffs.

I struggled in the ab section and couldn’t figure out what the heck we were doing and why I wasn’t feeling anything. I have insanely tight hips and think that was part of my issue. I’m more of a plank kind of girl and struggle with ab exercises in C-curve

The studio is so damn cute, they definitely brought the LA vibe on over to New York. There’s no showers which typical for a barre studio. I felt good to go after washing my face and combing out my hair. I will definitely be back again soon!


Question- Has anyone taken and good classes lately, in NYC or otherwise that I gotta check out 🙂 ?



I was invited to take some of these classes free of charge in exchange for my honest feedback and review. As always all opinions are my own. 

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