Class Review: STRENGTH at Uplift Studios

 uplift strength review

The Scoop

It’s hard to believe I took my first class at Uplift almost 3 years ago. I was just beginning to explore the boutique fitness world and was used to group fitness classes at big box gyms. Since then, Uplift has been a staple in my weekly fitness routine, according to my account I’ve taken over 180 classes at Uplift, SAY WHAT!?

This studio has become my happy place, no matter what’s going on in the outside world it fades away when I walk up the 2 flights of stairs to Uplift. This updated Uplift Strength review is long overdue since the class format has changed a bit over the years. 


The Studio

uplift strength review

First things first, this studio is GIRLS ONLY… but not in a watered down workout kind of way. The workouts here are still legit and the vibe is literally about uplifting and empowering you through working out, not making you feel like crap. You won’t hear an instructor spew garbage about “summer bodies”, instead they’ll encourage you to create your own intention for class and find your “why” behind working out– whatever that is for you.

In addition to offering kick-ass classes, Uplift also holds non-workout events such as career panels and book clubs, which always include wine. I’ve gone to a handful of their panels and am always impressed with the inspiring women they get to come to speak and the smart discussions that ensue. Uplift sells a tank that literally says strong woman uplift each other and it’s the perfect sentence to sum up the vibe at this studio.


The Space

The actual space where the group fitness classes take place is small but gets the job done. Classes max out at 12 people to ensure lots of personal attention, and a little bit of personal space.

In addition to the group fitness room, the main floor is for personal training and hanging out before/ after class. There’s a bar where you can sit, wait, read a magazine and charge your phone plus coffee, tea and snacks are readily available.

uplift strength review

The locker room has every thing you could possibly need to get ready after class including all natural products from Amara Essentials as a part of Uplift’s partnership with fellow women entrepreneurs. The coconut oil moisturizer from Amara is the bomb. There’s only 2 showers so sometimes there’s a line after class, however since the class sizes are small you won’t be waiting too long.


The Class

uplift strength review

The strength class at Uplift is heavily focused on strength (duh) with a touch of cardio courtesy of two rounds of tabata. Tabata means 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of active recovery, four times, for a total of 4 minutes. Sounds complicated on paper, in person it makes more sense.

Each major muscle group has it’s own devoted song: chest, back, legs (matched up with some shoulder action), biceps, triceps, core. Every move is done for maximum 1 minute. Hate push-ups? Don’t worry, you’ll only being doing them for a minute. The format reminds me a tiny bit of BodyPump since each muscle group has it’s own devoted song.

What makes the class unique to me is the focus on personal attention and the class format. I’ve taken class with the majority of instructors at Uplift and they have all taken a personal interested in me and know my injuries. During marathon training this was especially helpful because I had to modify here and there.

I like that I know what to expect from the class format. Every single class I let out a sigh of relief when I get to the bicep song because I know I’m in the home stretch. I find that most group fitness classes in NYC are interval training based so it’s refreshing to have a class focused on how heavy you can go before dropping down and truly burning out each muscle group. Yes, I do a ton of interval training too, but I like having at least one day totally focused on fatiguing each muscle group.


Bottom Line

Uplift is my happy place and if you’re a lady, you should definitely check ’em out.

PS- if you live in Los Angeles they just opened up a West Hollywood space. Super excited to check it out while I’m there next month. 


Uplift Studios
24 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010
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