Class Review: AG6 at Asphalt Green

AG6 at Asphalt Green: Fitness meets technology in AG6, a new, first of it’s kind class at Asphalt Green.

ag6 asphalt green

The Scoop:

Guys, the fitness industry is getting CREATIVE when it comes to creating unique classes and utilizing cool technology for a better workout. AG6 at Asphalt Green is doing just that, upping the bar of how technology can be utilized in a workout class.

The class is the first of it’s kind to utilize PRAMA technology which features walls and floors that are responsive to touch. I was invited to come take class and after seeing this video I was like SIGN ME UP I MUST TRY THIS.


The Deets:

Asphalt Green
 555 E 90th St, New York, NY 10128
Website || Facebook || Instagram
1 class is $35 for non-members

The Class:

ag6 asphalt green

The circuit-ased class is compromised of 8 stations (side note: I’m pretty sure it was 8 but memory seems to be failing me now) each with a different activity ranging from med ball slams, to mountain climbers, to suicides (ugh, anyone else have terrible memories of doing suicides in high school gym class?) There are tons of modifications for each move and it’s pretty beginner friendly because you can go at your own pace. During the class we repeated the circuit 3 times total with some of the exercises changing from round to round.

What makes this class unique is the aforementioned use of technology. Instead of just doing dreary suicides from one cone or whatever to the next, there are numbers being lit up on the floor that you have to run to and physically hit before it lights up another box on the floor. It’s oddly more motivating, and far more fun than the typical approach.

I’m not particularly competitive… or athletic for that matter, but I was really surprised at how motivating I found the technology factor. There’s something intrinsically fun about hitting a button on the floor and having it respond to that touch. The room is also totally dark and the music is blasting, so I was totally in the zone during each round of the circuit.

The coolest thing is there are a ton of different ways to utilize the technology so no two classes will be the same. After class I learned that this technology is used with professional athletes to help train their reflexes.


Bottom Line:

ag6 asphalt green

I had SO much fun during this class. It would be a ton of fun to bring a group of coworkers as a “team bonding” outing– I think former athletes and fitness newbies alike will totally love it.


Question: What’s your favorite fitness class that utilizes technology? 

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