4 reasons why you need to go to Body Space Fitness, ASAP

Studio Review: Body Space Fitness.


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Considering Body Space Fitness is one of my top 5 favorite fitness studios, I CANNOT believe it’s taken me this long to write a formal review. I think this was partially because I’m greedy and wanna keep BSF all to myself.

The studio specializes in small group training, which is like working with a personal trainer one-on-one but with 2 other people there during your session time doing their own program. This cuts down the cost per session. Pretty brilliant when you think about it.

In addition to small group training and personal training, Body Space Fitness also offers a variety of fitness classes. This breakdown is totally focused on group fitness.



Body Space Fitness
47 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011
1 Class: $30
website || instagram


Why you need to go to Body Space Fitness ASAP

Reason #1: The trainers are LEGIT.

Body Space Fitness is the only studio where I’ll take a chance and take a class with ANY trainer. That’s because I know they all know their shit when it comes to form, injuries and creating a safe but effective workout.

My personal fave are Dean, Tony, Kelvin and Alyssa (okay, I haven’t taken her BSF class yet but she’s one of my faves at Uplift so I know she’s excellent!) but I’ve yet to dislike any instructor I’ve taken class with.


Reason #2: And the trainers are incredibly nice.

On top of being super knowledge, they are all incredibly nice. No drill bootcamp instructors here sergeant here.

I’ve never even taken a class with one of the trainers, Fran, yet he knows me by name and we catch up like we’re old friends whenever I see him. Body Space Fitness hires genuinely good humans.


Reason #3: There’s something for everyone.

BSF recently expanded their class offerings to include more class times (YAY!) and a few different kinds of classes. My personal favorite are Metabolic Burn and Body Camp.

I HIGHLY recommend Body Camp to those newer to fitness. It’s a great place to learn the basics of strength training in a small, supportive environment. But don’t let that fool ya into thinking it’s too easy, I LOVE that class and I’m no fitness newbie.

If you’re looking for something a little sweatier but still strength focused, Metabolic Burn is the next step up from Body Camp.

I’ve only taken their two new classes Kettlebell +Core and Cardio Strength a few times.

Kettlebell + Core is all about crazy KB complexes, think swings into deadlifts into jerks, into lunges, into some other torture AND repeat! It’s hard.

Cardio Strength is only 45 minutes but is deceptively tough. This class uses density sets in which you repeat 4-6 exercises during a 5-10 minute circuit. In the beginning it seems easy but it gets real hard real fast.

I’ve never taken the boxing class so unfortunately can’t speak about that personally.


Reason #4: SO many fun toys to play with.

Kettlebells and TRX and sleds and sandbags and medicine balls… OH MY!

Body Space Fitness has SO many fitness goodies it’s ridiculous. You went necessarily use all of the above in every class, but some combination of the above. This keeps classes interesting and certainly never boring. Also, as much as a I loathe sled pushes, it feels pretty badass…


Bottom Line

I cannot say enough good things about Body Space Fitness. Seriously, I could go on and on and on. Just take my word for it and take a class there ASAP.

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Your turn: What’s your favorite hidden gem fitness studio in NYC?

Additional photos via Body Space Fitness.

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