Virtual Coffee Date – January 2017 [California, Grad School, Internship + More]

Hi guys! It’s been awhile since my last Virtual Coffee Date. This week is a little crazy between internship, school, and three Holistic Happening events. Sometimes when things are insane, the best blog posts are the ones where I can just ramble and not give a crap about SEO and witty titles. Y’know?

Also, it’s currently snowing in NYC which makes me just wanna curl up in a ball and write.

So, let’s catch up 🙂

If we were having coffee today… we’d talk about my trip to California!

I’ve already clued you guys in to the workouts I was up to. Contrary to popular belief I did more than work out in Los Angeles.

The big reason I was there was to celebrate my best friend from college, David’s, birthday. Also, I needed to reset before diving head first into this semester, so it all worked out nicely.

One of the highlights of my trip there was participating in the LA Women’s March.

I won’t turn this into a political post as I’m sure you’re bombarded with enough politics on your facebook feed. What I will say is, being part of the march was really something special and I was in awe of how kind and peaceful the crowd was. I’m glad I could be a part of it and march with David, his mother, his sister and 750,000 others in downtown LA.


And of course no trip to LA is complete without a visit to Disneyland. We spent David’s actual birthday riding Space Mountain over and over again. It was cold and rainy but actually pretty awesome because the park was EMPTY. Our rain coats came in handy on Splash Mountain 💦

I’m sad I didn’t get to see all my LA friends but I still had such a great and relaxing week with David.


If we were having coffee today… we’d talk about my internship!

I’m not just saying this cuz my boss reads my blog but I’m SO grateful for my social media internship at Daily Burn.

I knew I’d have to do an internship at some point for grad school and was honestly a bit bitter about it. Dudes! I run my own company and have a fair amount of social media experience. PLUS my instagram was featured in Teen Vogue. I think I know what I’m doing on the social media front. I kid, I kid.

This internship has really been the best case scenario, though, and I’m grateful to be in an environment where my opinion is valid AND I can wear yoga pants 🙂 This semester I’ll be interning ~20 hours a week which brings me too…


If we were having coffee today… we’d talk about grad school, semester two!

When I was offered the internship, I panicked. My initial plan was to take three courses this semester and spend the summer interning. I knew this opportunity was too good to pass up, though.

Since I’m interning 20 hours a week for credit, I’m only taking one other class this semester — Digital Marketing. It feels weird to go from taking three classes to only one, but I think it was the best decision.

I spent a lot of time discussing pro’s and con’s with my parents, I had this grand plan of how I wanted this semester to go. But sometimes you have to say yes to opportunity. And I definitely don’t regret it.


If we were having coffee today… we’d talk about Holistic Happening!

I recently gave you a glimpse inside the business and what it’s been like launching this baby. As I mentioned above, we have three events this week. Oooh, girl. It’s a busy week!

Last night we had a sold out (!!!) salty yoga + goal setting workshop at BREATHE Salt Room. Tonight we’re providing dessert for a book launch. And Saturday we’re doing yoga + vegan brunch at The Alchemist’s Kitchen.

Juggling Holistic Happening, blogging, internship and school has been a lot. And I know will continue to be a lot this semester, but I keep reminding myself to keep my eye on the prize. How fitting that my word for 2017 is focus

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being scared shitless half the time. Things are going well for Holistic Happening, don’t get me wrong. Before every event though there’s always this panic that we won’t sell enough tickets, something will go terribly wrong or I’ll completely screw up during the yoga portion.

I don’t know if that scary feeling ever goes away. But I’m also not letting it stop me (and us) from dreaming big and carrying on with our jam packed calendar of events.


Your turn… if we were having coffee today what would you tell me about?

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