Colorpuncture: What It Is and Why You Should Try It

When I first heard the word Colorpuncture, I assumed it would be a violent treatment of sorts. Anything with the word puncture in it sounds terrifying.

I’m here to report back that it does not involve and puncture wounds — it actually a painless treatment. Read on to learn more about this unique treatment and my first experience with Colorpuncture therapy.

colorpuncture review

I had never heard of Colorpuncture before Mauro of Don’t Stop Healing reached out to me. This alternative therapy uses colors and lights to support healing. I don’t know if this is true of all Colorpuncture appointments, but when I met with Mauro he also used healing holographic crystals as part of the treatment.

Colorpuncture can help with:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • digestive issues
  • hormonal imbalances
  • insomnia
  • and other ailments.

Before we go any further you should know that I’m skeptical of everything. I may be a yoga teacher, but I’m actually not into many “woo-woo” practices. Crystals aren’t my jam and I refuse to smudge my apartment because sage gives me a coughing attack. My apartment is doing fine without it.

Now back to Colorpuncture…

Before diving into treatment I chatted with Mauro about my life and how I was feeling. My treatment happen to fall on a rare day when I was feeling calm. Not a word I’d typically use to describe myself but I had just finished a round of grad school exams and was all caught up on other work.

I almost wish I would’ve had my treatment when my life was a bit more chaotic so I could really experience the benefits.

One thing I did mention was my digestion problems, the joys of being an eastern European Jew. My digestion can be a bit wonky, depending on what I eat — I’ve learned the hard way that dairy and raw veggies are not my friend.

The treatment

After our chat, Mauro set up 4 holographic crystals on my collar bone and stomach. I was then told to lie still for roughly 20 minutes.

If you know me you know sitting still is not something I ever do. I’m a super fidgety person by nature.  It was a good challenge to get away from my iPhone attachment and just relax for 20 minutes. I did feel calmer by the end of those 20 minutes.


Next up Mauro used different colors (you can see the blue light above!) on different points of my body such as my forehead and stomach. While it uses this principles of acupuncture and points on the body, there’s nothing painful about it because instead of needles it’s light.

Afterwards I felt grounded. It’s a generic term, but the best way to describe how I felt. It wasn’t as earth shattering or life changing of an experience as when I first tried acupuncture. But I was also a LEGIT hot mess when I went in for my first acupuncture treatment.

Would I try it again? Maybe.

I’d be curious to see if I feel a deeper effect the second time around. But I’m also not sure it’s the best treatment for me right now. I’ve found acupuncture and yoga to be more helpful for my anxiety, but that could just be me. Hey, doesn’t hurt to try it!


Your turn: Have you ever heard of or tried Colorpuncture?


Thank you Mauro for inviting me in for a complimentary Colorpuncture session. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

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