26 Things I Learned From 26

First things first, it’s my birthday!!!!!!! 

26, you’ve been a good year. An unpredictable year. But a real good year.

This year has been a year of change. Becoming a yoga teacherStarting a business. Going to grad school. And I’m even one step closer to getting my shit together in life. But let’s be honest, no one really has their shit together.

As I did when I turned 24, 25 and 26, here is my annual birthday post with nugggets of wisdom I learned from my 26th year. Cheers to 27 🎉

26 Things I Learned From 26

► 1. You can do ANYTHING but not EVERYTHING. I’ve learned this the hard way time and time again. As I’ve reminded myself constantly this year, stop saying yes to shit you hate. Maybe it will finally sink in 😜

► 2. Grad school is both harder and easier than I thought it would be. Granted nothing can be as tough or soul sucking as my theater school experience in college.

► 3. Make shit happen. Don’t just sit there dreaming, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

► 4. Sleep is not optional, it’s a must.

► 5. Don’t compare your real life to someone’s instagram perfect life. We’re all filtering and curating our lives for social media, myself included. Don’t go thinking that’s real life.

► 6. Keep your eyes on your own paper. There’s enough success out there for EVERYONE.

► 7. Fake it ’til you make it. And then fake it some more.

► 8. I love teaching yoga. It gives me a similar rush that I used to feel on stage as a performer.

► 9. Making friends on instagram is not creepy. In fact it’s amazing and life changing. I’m beyond grateful for all the incredible people I’ve connected with this year thanks to social media.

► 10. Sometimes the best workout isn’t the one that burns the most calories. It’s the one that works with your schedule.

► 11. Vulnerability hangovers are GOOD. It’s good to do things raw, and open and scary. Especially when you’re a blogger…

► 12. I was never meant for a conventional career or career path. The day I decided to major in theater I accepted that “normal” was not in my vocabulary. Not everyone will understand this, and the desire to not work a traditional desk job.

► 13. Always be learning. And learning doesn’t have to be in a classroom in an academic setting. Stay curious and hungry for more.

► 14. Just start. Whether you want to start a blog, a business or whatever it is. Even if you don’t have all the answers or all the details worked out, just do it.

► 15. Tell people your big, crazy, dreams. Who knows, they might join you in making them a reality.

► 16. There is no feeling greater than the mixture of exhaution and exhileration after leading a Holistic Happening event.

► 17. Los Angeles is ALWAYS a good choice 🙂

► 18. Being a great yoga teacher is not about the ability to do crazy cool inversions. It’s about leading a safe class with passion and compassion. And it’s about helping people connect with their breath.

► 19. I will never be flexible. It’s just not in the cards for me and my hamstrings. And that’s okay.

► 20. I love working from home.

► 21. Seeing a musical on broadway is still my favorite thing. It’s my happy place.

► 22. Flying trapeze is cheaper than therapy.

► 23. It’s okay to let go of past dreams to make ways for new ones. 

► 24. I don’t like working in an office environment. And that doesn’t make me a bad person or a failure.

► 25. Losing my job last year was the best thing that could have happened to me. It gave me the opportunity to take a step back and really think about what I want. And I realized what I want is not to be a part of some larger corporation but to instead forge my own path and be my own boss.

► 26. Trust the process and stay focused. Even though the process might suck.


✨ Your turn: Whats the biggest lesson you learned this year?

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