5 Simple Lessons I’ve Learned This Summer

5 simple lessons I learned this summer

▶︎ Embrace the Ebbs and Flows.

Some days are crazy. Non-stop phone calls. Jumping from meeting to meeting. Working my butt off to meet a deadline for school or a blog partnership. And then other days I go to the beach. On a Monday.

I’m learning to embrace the ebbs and flows. For all the crazy days there will also be gloriously lazy days. It makes the crazy more bearable. And I feel less guilty about going to the beach on a weekday.


▶︎ Not Everyone Will Get It

So, my current career path isn’t traditional. I’m a wellness blogger. A yoga teacher. I co-founded a wellness event company. Oh and I’m in grad school. My goal is to not return to a corporate position after I graduate but instead carve out my own path in the wellness industry.

When I explain this to people sometimes I get weird looks. Not everyone will get it. But as long as the people that matter do get it, that’s what’s important.


▶︎ Not Everyone’s opinion matters.

I was listening to my favorite podcast, Being Boss, and they mentioned the 1-inch square theory from Brene Brown. You take a 1-inch x 1-inch square of paper and make a list of people whose opinions matter to you. It’s advice I’ve taken close to heart this summer.


▶︎ Savor the season.

Instead of focusing on how fast summer is going, I’m focusing on how amazing summer has already been.


▶︎ Unplug.

Every Saturday I’ve been taking what I call a Social Media Shabbat. From Saturday morning to Sunday morning I don’t go on instagram. This was inspired by my initial social media detox and it’s been a game changer. For those 24-hours I feel more present. I’m also not tempted to compare my weekend plans to someone else’s adventures.

I’ve found it also helps curb my social media addiction the rest of the week — I’m retraining my thumb NOT to open up instagram first thing in the morning when I wake up.


✨ Tell me: What lessons have you learned this summer?

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  • your social media shabbat is genius (and i’m obsessed with that name) – i feel like spending the weekends on my phone totally takes me out of doing the fun things in my free time!!

    i’m also with you in that whole “not everyone will get it” thing. i get weird looks from my b-school friends when i talk about blogging but it’s like, who actually cares? i’m doing something i love and have a hobby/creative outlet, which is all i could ask for!

    • I’m glad blogging and the whole world of influencers has become a bit more “mainstream” over the years — people used to be like so it’s like LiveJournal? A diary right?