Favorite Things From August – 2017

** insert Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics here**

And just like that, it’s [almost] September. I’m heading to LA tomorrow (!!!) to extend summer and take a 10 day vacation before fall semester of school starts up.

A part of me is weepy about the fact that when I come home, summer will [sort of] be over. I loathe fall. It’s an unpopular opinion as a blogger, but it’s my opinion. My happy place is sundresses and Birkenstocks. And I can’t even drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes because they have dairy in them.

But with fall also comes a mini New Years, if you will. And the actual Jewish New Years. I spent this summer flailing and avoiding rigidity, schedule and routine. So now, it’s back to reality. And back to school if you’re still a student like me.

Enough about that, more posts on fall coming your way soon. Let’s talk favorites, highlights and what went down in August:

favorite things from august

Favorite Things from August

Make-Up I’m Loving…

CliniqueFIT Line

It’s rare I give a make-up shout-out in these monthly round-ups. That’s because I’m CLUELESS about make-up. Someone please teach me how to contour and shit.

I attended a special event for the launch of Clinique’s new fitness based make-up line. I don’t usually wear make-up to workout, but I’ve been enjoying the foundation from the line. It’s light and SPF 40 — perfect for pale humans like myself. It’s great for when I’m teaching a sweaty yoga class. Or just sweating on a daily basis in NYC.


Workouts I Went To…

AQUACIRCUIT with Aqua Studio.

I was invited to take an AQUACIRCUIT class with Aqua Studio. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make an ass of myself. You see, I’m not a very strong swimmer. At this point in my life I can’t really swim at all. It’s pathetic. I’m also a wuss when it comes to cold water. Really, I’m a lot of fun to bring to the beach.


Anyways, despite all of the above I have a not-so-secret love of water workouts. Legit love me some old school water aerobics.

I ended up loving AQUACIRCUIT, unseasonably chilly weather and all. The class consists of 4 stations. Each station had an exercise such as tuck jumps, bicep curls underwater and high knees. We repeated the circuit 3 times and then switched exercises for another 3 rounds. Literal circuit in the water. Even if you’re a weak swimmer like me, you’ll be fine in the class as it’s less about swimming more about moving.

AQUACIRCUIT is currently hosted outside at the Sixty LES Hotel on the Lower East Side.


What I Read…

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

fitness junkie review | fitness junkie book review

I mentioned this book last month but actually finished it this month. It’s worth mentioning again. Holy satire, Batman. Fitness Junkie is RIDICULOUS. But also such an addicting novel. The story follows one successful business woman, Janey’s, quest to lose weight.

The premise is a bit icky. Janey’s best friend and business partner, Beau, tells her to lose some weight. Beau thinks Janey’s look is bad for the brand. If you can get past the wonky premise, the book is such a good satire on the fitness scene in Manhattan. So of course I ate that shit up.

There’s a whole lot of truth to the story, but also a whole lot of ridiculousness. If you’re all about the Soulcycle and Lululemon, read this book. It’s hilarious.


Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Apparently my latest life goal has been to read every book Ms. Reid has ever written. Forever, Interrupted was her debut novel back in 2013. Having reading almost all her other books (next up is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo) I know I’m a fan of her style. Although, I would rate this book my least favorite of the bunch.

The novel starts with Elsie Porter’s husband of 9 days getting killed in a freak accident. From there the book alternates between the past and present. We go back in time to when Elsie meets her husband and we also see the aftermath of Ben’s death unfold.

The catch in this novel? Elsie has never met her mother-in-law, Susan. Nor does Susan know Elsie even exists until they meet at the hospital after Ben’s accident.

I usually find the leading ladies in Reid’s novels to be relatable. More often than not I found Elsie grating, weak and a bit pathetic. All in all I didn’t hate the novel though and was curious to see how it all played out.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, read (and you devoured some of her other novels) still worth picking up.


What I Watched…

On the theater front I saw the Great Comet [again] Bandstand and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Great Comet is easily my favorite Broadway show of the season and I’m so so so sad it’s closing prematurely. It’s weird, it’s funny, it’s emotional and best of all it’s REAL energetic. Oh and they feed you pierogies. I don’t even know how to describe the show or plot because honestly, it’s not even important. The visuals are what’s magical. If it’s not sold out, seriously go see this show before it closes September 3rd.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Bandstand on Broadway. The story follows a crew of World War II army vets and their experience coming home from war. The group turns to music and forms a band as a way to come to grips with what they saw while abroad. Leading lady Laura Osnes is hands down one of the most talented people on Broadway right now. Another show to catch before it closes September 3rd.

midsummer nights dream1

And last up was A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a part of Shakespeare in the Park. I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan — and yes I majored in theater. BUT Midsummer has always been my favorite, mainly because I was in a wonky rock musical version of it in high school. My family, Jeremy and I loved seeing this show live with a killer cast.


What I Listened To…

On the podcast front I’m really digging Chasing Joy created by Georgie Morley from In It 4 The Long Run. I’m not always crazy about interview-style podcasts but any episode I’ve listened to of hers I’ve been like dang, those are some truth bombs.

I loved loved loved episode 28 with Chinae Alexander. You have to listen to it for yourself to fully grasp, but my god is Chinae the definition of hustle. Her ballsiness is hella inspiring and got me thinking of ways I can creep out of my comfort zone to make shit happen. It’s a good episode.

Close runner-up for favorite is episode 26 with of Alexis Joseph of Hummusapien. There’s a bit where Alexis talks about how your attitude towards fitness can change and it really hit close to home for me.


Other Highlights…

Visiting Fire Island with Leslie.

Leslie’s family has a house in Kismet.  We headed out there for a day of relaxation, tanning and planning for fall Holistic Happening events. Fire Island, you are the cutest. During the 8 hours I spent there with Leslie, I fell in love with this quirky place that doesn’t allow cars. It also felt like a mini vacation, something I’ve been craving.


Seeing Green Day in concert [again]

Truth life: I’m a mega Green Day fan. Like, embarrassingly so.

green day hartford

I couldn’t resist seeing them in Hartford and I have NO regrets. Even if it meant getting 4 hours of sleep afterwards. Say what you want about the band but they put on a damn good live show. And god bless Jeremy for putting up with my Green Day obsession.


Celebrating 6 years with Jeremy.

To celebrate 6 years together Jeremy and I hit up one of our favorite restaurants — Union Square Cafe. I ended up consuming way too much dairy and regretted it later on. But in the moment it was delicious. We shared the ricotta gnocchi to start. For my meal I had the olive oil poached halibut. Both were excellent.

On our actual anniversary we were lazy AF and spent the day reading in Washington Square Park and went to our favorite thai place for dinner. We both agreed it was the perfect day.



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  • i’ve heard about that new clinique line and have been dying to try it!! i only wear makeup about once a week, but i definitely need to be better about spf on my face!! may need to pick some up 🙂

    also kind of jealous that you get to go see broadway shows so often! that’s something i miss about new york for sure.