Embracing the New Normal

I’m back from LA. Back from vacation. And back to the grind. I’m adjusting to lots of changes this week and figuring out what my new “normal” is. Lately I feel like just when I get on a new routine, it totally changes. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in grad school and your schedule changes every semester.

First things first: Corepower!

I’m typing this up a few hours after teaching my first class at CorePower Yoga. AHHHH! I’m still coming down from the post-class high. The experience was both terrifying and exhilarating. I’m pretty sure I blacked out about halfway through class — I barely remember what happened. Did I say anything stupid? Did the words coming out of my mouth make sense? I hope so!

I know nothing will ever be as scary as teaching a new fitness format for the first time. It will only get easier. Less awkward. And I’ll start to find my voice as a yoga sculpt instructor. Hey, I successfully taught my first sculpt class and didn’t spontaneously combust. Or completely forget my sequence. I’ll call that I win.

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow morning 🙂

As of right now I’m teaching all early morning classes. Which is awesome because today I finished my work day + work out before 9:00AM plus it doesn’t interfere with grad school. But it also means I need to be MUCH better about going to bed early. Someone please yell at me to go to sleep if I text them after 10PM when I’m teaching class in the AM.

I had this grand plan to take a celebratory I JUST TAUGHT MY FIRST COREPOWER CLASS picture… but then I promptly forgot and took the class after mine. My face was RED and I was drenched in sweat. SO me holding celebratory Starbucks on the streets of Willimsburg will have to suffice.


Grad School

It’s also back to school this week for me! Hello, second year of grad school! I’m studying Social Media and Mobile Marketing at Pace University here in NYC. This semester I’m talking two classes. One is a social media strategy course that I’m super excited about. The other is a course on advertising and sales promotion which I’m clueless about. And that class got cancelled this week. So I’m still clueless about what it’s about.

I’m taking all night classes. It’s not my preference, at all, since I sometimes work at night for Holistic Happening and blog events. And I’m most creative in the evening hours when it comes to writing and getting shit done. It will be an adjustment for me and I’m trying to figure out if eating dinner at 4PM it acceptable. I vote yes.

I’ve talked openly about my grad school experience before. At this moment I’m happy I’ve decided to stick it out. I’m roughly halfway through my masters program and arguably have the “worst” behind me. I completed my internship and my first math class in ~10 years, both of which I was the least excited about in theory. My internship ended up being pretty rad [and I got to wear yoga pants every day] and I [miraculously] passed the statistics course.

The hardest part for me has been feeling isolated as a student. In undergrad, all my friends [for the most part] were also in college. We could commiserate [and study at the library] together. My boyfriend, Jeremy, is finishing up his masters degree in education this semester. Besides him, none of my friends are in school. It can be tough saying I can’t, I have homework. Or having to take night classes when that’s usually when I grab dinner with friends and work.

In the end, I like to think it will have all been worth it. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably be going back for another degree at some point because I’m addicted to academics.


Changes on the workout front

I’ve been a Fitreserve member (<— get $50 off your first month!) for almost 3 years now. The service is similar to ClassPass but instead you’re allowed to visit every studio up to 4 times a month and all class times are available. I use Fitreserve to book 99% of my workouts. It’s convenient and I also can’t afford the full price of workout classes in NYC right now.

The package I had been using for the past few years was discontinued. I’m now on a package with 10 classes a month after previously being on 30. There is a more pricey option but with my current budget and now getting free classes at Corepower, I couldn’t justify the cost.

I still stand by the Fitreserve product. I’ve never had booking issues and like that I can get into peak class times at my favorite studios. Plus paying out of pocket to go to Uplift or Body Space Fitness (my favorites!) isn’t financially doable for me right now. But Fitreserve makes it possible for me to go to each 4 times a month without totally blowing my fitness budget.

I know, I know, I could just join a gym. I’m not motivated to work out on my own — even though I’m a certified personal trainer. Because I live alone I also joke that group fitness and going Starbucks are sometimes the only time I interact with other humans throughout my day. This is only a slight exaggeration…

It sounds SO silly, but I’m a bit freaked about how this will mess with my workout mojo. Maybe more yoga and sculpt will be just what my mind and body will be right now. I’ll just have to do a bit more planning to make sure I don’t use up all 10 classes at the beginning of the month. /end first world problems rant.


That’s where I’m at! Figuring out this new job, new school year, new workout regiment and new normal.


Your turn: What’s new with you? Anything exciting happening in your life this week?

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