Much Needed Relaxation + Last Week’s Workouts

Compared to last weekends festival festivities, I’m grateful this weekend was way more chill. Last week kind of kicked my ass so I really needed it.

I spent Friday into Saturday in Westchester with my parents for Yom Kippur and then came back into the city Saturday afternoon.

As a part of observing Yom Kippur, I decided to stay off ALL social media on Saturday. Lately I’ve been taking one day a week off instagram. But I end up using facebook and twitter as a crutch. I don’t even particularly like twitter anymore.

Saturday I “disconnected” from the social media world. It sounds like a small gesture, and maybe for some of you it’s no big deal. But for me it was HUGE. And really refreshing.

Sunday was spent catching up with friends including brunch with my friend Annica and then a pedicure with my friend Leah. I got an early dinner with my parents and then it was basically bedtime for me ‘cuz I woke up real early today to teach.


workout recap 1

MONDAY: Body Camp 2.0 at Body Space Fitness

TUESDAY: Pilates at WundarBar



FRIDAY: The Bar Method


SUNDAY: Strength at Uplift



I’m still dealing with some lingering wrist pain (wtf, wrist?!) so wanted to steer clear of yoga classes this week. For the most part I’m not in pain, just when I “flex” my wrist if that makes sense like in down dog and a push-up. I’ve been using weights under my hands for push-ups and it alleviates the pain.

Teaching back-to-back yoga sculpt classes on Thursday totally kicked my ass. That shizz is NO joke. So while I technically didn’t do a devoted work out, I got my fair share of movement in on Thursday. I’m trying to do that whole “listen to your body” thang. It sounds SO much easier in theory — duh, don’t push yourself to your limits. But I do think there’s this weird “you never regret a workout!” attitude in the fitness community. And I call bullshit. If you hurt yourself because your body needs rest, you definitely will regret that workout.

My #1 goal this week is to listen to my body. And really it should always be my goal.

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