Favorite Things From September – 2017

Hi guys! Before we dive on into my favorite things from the last month, it feels weird to not mention the events in Las Vegas this week. My heart breaks thinking about it and I can’t wrap my head around what happened.

In many ways I feel paralyzed that I can only do SO much. If you too are feeling these same feels, I encourage you to check out articles like this to see what you can do. I can only hope that with tragedy comes change. Although I wish it didn’t have to be like that.

And now I awkwardly segue into this post…

Favorite Things From September

I spent a good chunk of September in LA. Like, literally 1/3 of the month. And you guys already know what went down in California. So here’s what happened the other 2/3’s of September…

september favorites

 Products I’m Loving…

S’ip by S’well Water Bottle

sip by swell

I carry a water bottle on me at ALL times. And for all these years I’ve been that asshole hoarding plastic water bottles. I was gifted a S’ip by S’well water bottle at an event and I’ve officially converted to the reusable water bottle club. I like that these water bottles are small enough for my bag without being too small.

Now that I’m teaching fitness classes in a heated room, having a water bottle that can keep my water cold is great.


On the workout front…

I’ve been using Dibs to book some of my fitness classes. I’m actually surprised I haven’t mentioned Dibs before. I love their service and think it’s pretty brilliant. The website uses dynamic pricing. Classes during off-peak times are cheaper than classes during peak times. I’ve been able to book classes at Uplift for less than $25 which by NYC fitness standards is a steal.

Use code KAYLAINTHECITY for $5 off your first booking on Dibs.


What I Ate…

the salmon teriyaki bowl from Glaze Teriyaki

I’m always on the hunt for delicious lunch options in my ‘hood. Behold, Glaze, home of teriyaki bowl deliciousness. I’ve been ordering the salmon bowl over brown rice. It comes with a small salad, which I convince myself makes this lunch healthy by proxy.


the Shroomami bowl at sweetgreen.

Whenever I go to sweetgreen I tend to order the same thing — guacamole greens 4 lyfe. BUT a recent avocado shortage meant I had to branch out. And I’m SO glad I did, the Shroomami bowl is EVERYTHING. I like to sub out the bean sprouts with cabbage. For no reason except I don’t like bean sprouts.


What I Read…

The Whole Thing Together by Ann Brashares

Oh man, this book. Sometimes you read a book that leaves you attached to the characters. This was one of those books for me. BTW — It’s by the same author as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. AKA one of my FAVORITE books as a teen.

Since they were born, Sasha and Ray have shared the same room in their family’s Long Island beach home. The thing is, they have never met — Sasha’s dad and Ray’s mom were previously married and have since remarried.

The Whole Things Together explores the intersection of these two families and the drama that still lingers between them. It’s a fun, sometimes emotional, quick read.



What I Watched…

On the movie front I saw The Big Sick and Ingrid Goes West. Both EXCELLENT movies.

The Big Sick

The Big Sick, written by Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon, is about the true story of their own relationship.

Early on in their relationship, Emily mysteriously goes into a coma, leaving Kumail to meet her parents for the first time at the hospital. Not a spoiler, it’s real life and noted in the trailer. A lot of the story centers around culture clashes. Kumail’s traditional, Muslim, family wants Kumail to mary a nice Muslim girl. Emily’s parents are pretty tone deaf about race.

It’s absolutely hilarious, despite the depressing premise. Both Jeremy and I agreed that it was a seriously excellent movie.


Ingrid Goes West

While I was in LA my friend David insisted that we see Ingrid Goes West. Based on the movie poster, I thought it looked pretty meh. I couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s a dark [dark] comedy centered around Ingrid who moves to LA to befriend famous instagrammer, Taylor. They quickly bond but things start taking a turn for the worse. I’m shocked I hadn’t heard more about this movie before David insisted we go see it.

It’s definitely a satire, but also brings a lot of truth to the bizarre world of social media. And hey I’m totally guilty of some of the things they made fun of in the movie.

Project Runway

On TV I’m currently watching the new season of Project Runway. Holy smokes, I can’t get ENOUGH of the drama this season. The twins!? Endless hours of entertainment from them alone. It’s simply addicting. I’m so grateful my BFF got me hooked on this show and I have him to discuss every episode with.


Rick and Morty

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I love the show Rick and Morty and the new season has been SO good. 

Jeremy started watching the show last year and then I ended up watching every episode with him. It’s WEIRD. Like, very weird. And I don’t think it’s a TV show for everyone. But for whatever reason I’m very into it. I still have a few episodes to catch up on, but does anyone else watch this show?

And for your entertainment, here’s Jeremy and I dressed as Meeseeks from the show for Halloween last year.


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