Introducing: the WELL-rounded Podcast

I lied, yesterday was not the last post of 2017 🙂 Today I’m excited to announce the official launch of my podcast WELL-rounded.

well-rounded podcast

I became OBSESSED with podcasts while training for the NYC Marathon. One of my biggest concerns while marathon training (okay among many things…) was getting sick of my playlists. You see, I don’t have an expansive taste in music. I listen to A LOT of musical theater and A LOT of Green Day. That’s about it.

Luckily the Hamilton cast album dropped the week I had to run a 16 miler (thanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda!) BUT I was still worried that I’d get sick of listening to the same showtunes week after week.

So, I started listening to podcasts during my shorter runs. They reminded me of blog posts but instead I could listen to them while I was doing other things.

Post marathon training my love for podcasts remained strong. Every afternoon I try to go on a “pod-walk.” Around 2PM I’ll get a latte and take a long walk while listening to a podcast. It always leaves me energized and helps with the mid-afternoon slump.


Why Launch A Podcast

Launching a podcast is something I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time. Like, I’ve probably been telling people I want to launch a podcast for the entirety of 2017. I’m one of those people that once I get an idea in my head, I NEED to do it.

Before I invested the time, money and energy, I wanted to get clear about what I wanted my podcast to be about.

After a whole lot of soul searching I landed on the idea of WELL-rounded, a podcast all about a well-rounded (duh) approach to wellness.


What the Heck is A Well-Rounded Approach to Wellness.

Good question. And it’s something I delve into more in my intro episode, Episode 0. But the idea for me came from my own wellness journey.

I used to think wellness was just about eating kale and working out. If I ate the greens and did the burpees I’d feel awesome. And hey, those things DO make me feel good. BUT recently I realized that wellness is about SO much more than that. It’s about your job. Your relationships. The people you surround yourself with. And maybe most importantly it’s about being HAPPY.

I think of it as being well-rounded in your approach to wellness. It’s not just about one thing but ALL those things together, working in harmony.


How do I listen?

Listen to WELL-rounded on itunes or the podcast app by clicking this link. You can also listen using the player below:

Episode 0: What Is WELL-Rounded? And All About Kayla

In the intro episode of WELL-rounded I talk a bit more about what it means to have a well-rounded approach to wellness. I also talk about my own fitness and wellness journey so you can learn about more about me and where I’m coming from when it comes to wellness.

I talk about:

  • my journey to where I am today
  • why I started working out in the first place
  • why I hated being a personal trainer
  • how I ended up working at a fitness start-up
  • why losing my job was the best thing that ever could have happened to me
  • my realization that my job left me feel unhealthy
  • how my perspective on wellness has shifted over the years
  • what a well-rounded approach to wellness looks like to me
  • what you can expect from the podcast

Listen to the episode here!

wellrounded podcast

What To Expect from WELL-Rounded

WELL-rounded is all about having conversations on wellness that go beyond calories consumed. Every week I’ll be talking to movers and shakers in the wellness industry who are challenging what healthy looks like and feels like. I’ll also be sharing actionable items that help you figure out what healthy means to YOU and what your version of wellness looks like. Think lots of soul searching, personal growth and exploration.


How You Can Help

One: Subscribe to WELL-rounded on iTunes. You’ll be the first to know about new episodes 🙂

Two: Write a review. Like what you hear? Let me know!

Three: Share with your wellness loving friends. Sharing is caring ❤️

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