6 Habits I’m Keeping in 2018

Are you sick of new year, new me blog posts by now? Me too.

I’m a fan of the old me. She’s not perfect, she has some flaws, but she’s doing some great things too. As you guys know, I’m not setting any concrete goals for this year. I’ve been really tempted to say just kidding and write out a flowing list of fitness, personal and business goals. But I’m keeping my word!

People tend to focus so much on the new habits they want to create for the new year. And look, that’s freaking great. But I also encourage you to celebrate some of your old habits. Those things you are already doing that are pretty rad. Here are 6 habits I’m keeping in 2018.

6 habits I'm keeping in 2018

Going on daily podwalks.

I’m pretty sure I heard the phrase podwalk on a podcast and I love it. A podwalk is, well, going for a walk and listening to a podcast. Most afternoons I’ll head out for coffee and a podwalk. It’s a chance to get some fresh air, get moving and serves as a nice little creative boost.


Reading before bed.

Is there anything better than crawling into bed with a good book at the end of a long day? I read before I go to sleep every single night — and got Jeremy to start doing the same! It’s a habit my librarian mama ingrained in me from a young age and I’ve kept it up since. And yes, I still read actual books, I don’t have an e-reader!



Unfollow and Unsubscribe.

I’m a fan of unfollowing and unsubscribing. This applies to social media accounts, email lists and yes people. If it doesn’t bring me joy, unfollow. If it’s cluttering up my inbox, unsubscribe. When I stopped feeling guilty about doing this it was SO freeing.


Make lunch at home.

One of my favorite parts about my bizarre schedule is that I’m home for lunch most days. Because of this I’m pretty good about making lunch for myself every day. Granted I cook the same thing day after day (kale, chickpeas and rice!) but hey, it works for me!



I started journaling again this past summer and can’t believe it took me so long to get back at it. I had stopped writing beyond blogging, freelance stuff and academic papers. Writing for the sake of writing has been really therapeutic.


Move 6 days a week.

Emphasis on the word move and not exercise. I do a pretty good job on the exercise front, but lately I haven’t been able to work out as much as I used to. It can be hard to squeeze in a workout in addition to teaching and other commitments I got going on during the day. I’ve shifted my focus from exercising 6 days a week to simply moving. Sometimes that means teaching a double (teach sculpt is physically demanding!) or going for a long walk. And yes, sometimes that means going to a group fitness class at one of my favorite studios.


Your turn: What habits are you keeping for 2018?

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