Ep. #6: How To Protect Your Energy [Solo Episode]

Today’s episode of WELL-rounded is all about protecting your energy, which is also one of the intentions I set for 2018. So much easier said than done, right?

In this episode I talk about my own struggle to protect my energy. It’s freaking hard! As an introvert who works in an extroverted field I’m super cautious about managing my energy. Otherwise let’s just say I turn into a raging bitch. Not a cute look for a yoga teacher.

This episode will leave you with tips to figure out how to protect your own energy, introvert or not, so you can avoid burnout and reaching raging bitch status.

My thought is that every few episodes or so will be solo episodes covering things like:

  • my own wellness journey, like today.
  • thoughts on living a WELL-rounded life.
  • FAQs

If you like the format of today’s episode, let me know! And if you don’t like the format of today’s episode and prefer interviews, also please let me know!

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