About Me

Welcome to Kayla in the City, a blog all about living your best life through fitness, wellness and self improvement.

I’m Kayla, a 27 year-old fitness blogger, yoga teacher, personal trainer, aspiring girl boss and grad school student living in NYC. I candidly share my experience (and many struggles!) as a young professional in Manhattan striving to live both a healthy and happy life with some semblance of balance.

I believe in a well-rounded approach to wellness and healthy living. It’s about more than working out and eating kale. Although I love doing both of those things too.

I believe that healthy is about more than just being physically fit. It’s about eating food that makes you feel good. It’s about being happy in your relationships. It’s about feeling fulfilled at your job.

At my core I’m a fitness blogger, but I also incorporate other aspects of what it means to be healthy and ultimately happy on this here blog.

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What You’ll Find on Kayla in the City

▶︎ FITNESS ● fitness studio reviews, yoga tips & fit tips,

▶︎ WELLNESS ● self-care & self improvement,

▶︎ HAPPINESS ● self discovery & goal-setting.

▶︎ BUSINESS ● social media & entrepreneurship


More About Kayla

✨ I live in Manhattan and have called this glorious island home for over 9 years now. I love it to pieces.

✨ I graduated NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. Even though I’m no longer acting, I’m still a HUGE musical theater dork at heart.

✨ I landed my first marketing job thanks to twitter and this here blog.

✨ I’m currently in grad school working on my masters in Social Media + Mobile Marketing. Yes, that’s a real masters degree!

✨ My nail are usually painted some shade of turquoise. My bedroom is also turquoise.

✨ I ran a marathon just so I could say I ran a marathon. I’m now a “retired runner” and haven’t run a mile since.

✨ I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Vida.

✨ I use emojis excessively… and curse a lot. Sorry!

✨ More often than not you can find me sweating it out in a group fitness class or swinging through the air on the flying trapeze. Seriously.

Let’s Chat!

I’m super awkward… but also pretty friendly. I promise 😜 I’d love to hear from ya…

💌 Email me: kaylainthecity@gmail.com

📱 ‘Gram with me: @kaylakleinman

🙏🏻 Yoga with me: I teach at all Holistic Happening events and at CorePower Yoga in Williamsburg.