Sound Off: Silent Yoga

Because I’m an old soul deep down inside I only just heard about Silent Discos. For my fellow old geezers, a silent disco is where people listen to music at a club via wireless headphones instead of a speaker system. It’s a pretty cool idea– if you want to talk to a friend, just take out the headphones, no need to scream over loud music. Only downside is I’m not much of a partier so I don’t think it would really be my scene

Enter Silent Yoga, definitely more my scene. I was super excited when Sound Off invited me to attend a Silent Yoga class at the South Street Seaport SUGARCUBE. The event actually had so much buzz around it that they added an extra day of classes to accommodate everyone.

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Upon checking in I received my headset. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but was ready to go with the flow, literally. Our instructor Gina taught the whole class via a mic that was feeding into the headset and there was a live DJ, DJ Panic mixing sounds. I loved the mixture of soothing thunderstorm sounds with low key house music throughout class, super relaxing. I had seen cool backlight pictures from the previous silent yoga classes, and unfortunately because my class was at 4:30PM it was still too bright out, however the white cube still had a funky glow and I liked the colored lighting.

With the noise canceling headsets it was easy to block out the outside world of NYC– even when I saw some tourists ogling at us through the glass door. I was totally “in the zone” for the entire class and found it easier to tune into my body, the breath and the instructor without the additional background noise. If you’ve ever had an annoying breather next to you in yoga, you know what I mean.

After class I felt super light and relaxed, perfect way to finish off my weekend.

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I asked if there would be more silent yoga events as the weather gets warmer, Sound Off is figuring out the logistics but definitely wants to bring the experience outdoors this summer. Count me in!

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