Fitreserve Review + Recap

As previously mentioned I was kindly offered a free month’s membership for FitReserve. FitReserve is an all-in-one fitness membership that allows you to mix and match classes from a curated selection of the top studios in NYC, at over 50% off retail. FitReserve provides access to full studio schedules and peak class times, plus access to exclusive insider studio and partner perks, events and more.

At this time they offer 2 different memberships: 10 classes/ month for $150 or 20 classes/ month for $250. By NYC fitness standards, both are a pretty great deal.

fitreserve review

I was pretty impressed with my month. So impressed that I decided to hop on this great summer deal they were having and pay for 3 more months of membership.

What I love about FitReserve:

  • Peak time slots. The mass majority of my workouts take place around 6-6:30AM before work or weekend mornings AKA peak time slots. From what I’ve seen, FitReserve offers all time slots. Period. If the studio offers that class, it’s on FitReserve.
  • Stress free booking. There’s been a number of times where I’ve signed up for a pretty popular class less than 12 hours before class time. Much to my surprise there were still spots. From what I’ve gathered, the only time a class is “full” on FitReserve is because it’s literally full at the studio too.
  • Good mix of classes. The list of studios is still growing and missing a few of my favorites, there’s certainly a healthy mix of choices in my area and the nearby neighborhoods. Whether it’s yoga, barre, HIIT, strength training or spin, there’s a studio not too far away from me. 
  • Has a lot of my favorite studios. Between Uplift, Exceed and Body Space Fitness I’m a happy camper.
  • You can visit a studio up to 4 times. I totally understand why there is a limit, and 4 is kind of perfect. It means I can hit up favorite classes once a week for the month.
  • Easy to follow a routine. I’ve found my favorite classes that work for my schedule and can pretty easily stick to these classes without stressing about spots filling up too fast.
  • Easy to navigate. The website is pretty intuitive to figure out.

What I don’t love about FitReserve:

  • Limited number of studios. There’s still a few studios I wish were on FitReserve. Keeping my fingers crossed– after all Uplift was added during my first month!
  • Inconsistent sign up times for each studio. I can’t seem to figure out when each studio’s schedule gets uploaded/ updated. For someone like me that likes to plan way in advanced this stresses me out. Granted, I’ve never had an issue getting into my favorite classes.
  • Cancellation policy. Originally it was 24 hours which stressed me out, however they’ve recently changed to follow individual studio’s policy.
  • Can’t see full history of classes taken. Not the end of the world, just something I sometimes like to look back at.

fitreserve review

Classes I took:

  • Exceed x2
  • Uplifting Strength at Uplift x4
  • Metabolic Burn at Body Space Fitness
  • Dash28 at Mile High Run Club x2
  • Core Fusion Extreme at Exhale

All in All…

I think FitReserve offers a really great platform and membership. At 10 classes/month I still need to have a full gym membership to supplement the rest of my workouts during the month.

The membership does make a lot of sense financially, though, since it allows me to hit up a number of my favorite studios without totally breaking the bank.

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