3 Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Wellness

Y’all know by now that I’m secretly lazy. Legit the laziest marathoner you’ll ever meet in many, many ways. I want my wellness but I want it to be easy.

easy ways to plan ahead for wellness

One of the ways I’ve simplified wellness in my life is by planning ahead. It doesn’t take much extra effort, yet it makes a HUGE difference. It means I’ll actually workout, eat a hearty breakfast, not order sushi for dinner and not be scrambling in the process.

easy ways to plan ahead for wellness

You know the phrase, fail to plan, plan to fail. I say it ‘cuz it’s true. I won’t pretend I do all these things 100% of the time, I am only human after all, but when I do I can feel the difference it makes.

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plan ahead for wellness

How To Plan Ahead for Wellness

▶︎ Pre-Schedule Your Workouts

I’ve talked about this before here and on Instagram, but every Sunday I make sure I have a workout plan for the week. As much as I love working out (really, I do!), life also has a tendency to get in the way if I don’t plan ahead.

I sign up for my fitness classes throughout the week — New Yorkers going to group fitness classes know how fast some of these classes can fill up. Every Sunday I take a few minutes to check out my week. I make sure my workout plan is balanced and I’m not going to yoga three days in a row followed by HIIT three days in a row.

My workouts as of lately have been all group fitness, all the time because it’s what works for me. But when I was training for a race or heading to the gym solo, I still used Sunday to plan.

Put your workouts on your calendar — including timing of when the workout is actually going to happen. If you’re heading to the gym solo also use this time to write out a plan of exactly what you’re going to be doing at the gym (if you need some workout inspo, I got you covered).


▶︎ Make Your Breakfast the Night Before.

I’m trying to get better about eating a nutrious breakfast every day. Easiest way to make sure that happens? Overnight oats.

One of the first recipes I ever tried when I started reading blogs was overnight oats. I was all over Overnight Oats that summer. After a hot, humid run, nothing tasted better than creamy, cool and refreshing oats.

I was super excited when Quaker reached out to me about their new single-serve container of Overnight Oats. As much as I love overnight oats, actually making the effort to go to the store, buy all the ingredients, and measure everything the night before I want ’em was too much effort for me.

easy ways to plan ahead for wellness

No measuring necessary with these convenient, single serve, cups. All you gotta do is add your milk of choice (almond milk for me, of course!), stir, and let it cold-steep in your fridge overnight.

Come morning, you’ve got cool and creamy Overnight Oats waiting for ya and all you have to do is stir and eat.

Each container is made of a blend of oats, fruits, quinoa, flaxseed and are a good source of dietary fiber. On top of that, each single-serve container also contains at least 11g of Protein (when prepared with 1/2 cup of Vitamin A and Vitamin D Fortified Skim Milk) and is 300 calories or less before dairy or non-dairy milk is added.

They currently come in four flavors:

  • Blueberry Banana & Vanilla Bliss (<— obviously the first flavor I had to try)
  • Raisin Walnut & Honey Heaven
  • Orchard Peach Pecan Perfection
  • Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch

easy ways to plan ahead for wellness

▶︎ Pack Ahead of Time for AM Workouts.

I’m no longer waking up at the horrifying hour of 5:00AM for workouts (thank GAWD) but I do still ALWAYS pack the night before for my AM workouts. Nothing sucks more than trying to find a clean sports bra when you need to get out the door in 15 minutes flat.

My goal is to make the journey from my bed to the fitness studio as seamless and brainless as possible.  So every night I set out my workout outfit for the day.

Not related to wellness, I but also used to do this for high school which made getting ready in the morning a million times easier. Morning is not the time to try on your entire wardrobe in search of something that matches your new cute tank.


Tell Me: What are your hacks for making wellness easier?

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