How To Make Wellness Work For Your Budget

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One of the most common things I get asked asked about is how to afford a healthy lifestyle on a budget. Dudes, I hear ya! Between boutique fitness classes, buying organic, and the cost of freaking almond butter, it adds up.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Nor does it have to be so freaking expensive. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to getting free, unlimited, SoulCycle classes. BUT here are some super easy ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, even on a budget.

affordable boutique fitness, discount boutique fitness

How To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle On a Budget

▶︎ Book your fitness classes on Dibs.

Dibs is a pay-as-you-go platform that partners with various fitness studios including Uplift Studios, Flex Studios and Solace.

The platform uses dynamic pricing. Prices change depending on the demand for that specific class. When I first heard about this service from Well + Good, I totally nerded out for it. I’m currently in business school studying marketing. Interesting business models like this are my jam.

Full disclosure, even before Dibs reached out to me about partnering on this post I was a HUGE fan of the service. I’ve used it a bunch of times to book classes at Uplift in advanced for between $20-$27. Pretty awesome considering the average price of boutique fitness in NYC is $32.

affordable boutique fitness, discount boutique fitness

Pro tip: The earlier you book, the better deal you’ll get. I’ve been surprised that the pricing doesn’t just favor “undesirable time slots.” I’m looking at you, 10:30AM class that no one with a 9-5 job could possibly go to. If you book far enough in advanced you’ll still reap the benefits during “peak” time slots as well.

Even beyond that, Dibs rewards customers who frequently visit certain studios. On multiple occasions I’ve received a text message with a “flash” credit such as $3 off my next booking at Uplift. But you have to act fast, the credit expires quickly.

Get $5 off your first time booking on Dibs with code KAYLAINTHECITY.


▶︎ Grocery store hacks

I do most of my food shopping at Whole Foods. I know, I know, they might as well be called Whole Pay Check. I focus on their generic, 365 brand stuff. 99 cent can of chickpeas? Yes please. $5 coconut oil? Done. It ends up being cheaper than whatever I would’ve picked up at Gristedes. Seriously.

And of course there’s Trader Joe’s. Leslie does all the food shopping for Holistic Happening events there and I’m always impressed with their pricing and organic options. If you live in NYC, though, just beware going during peak times when the line get CRAZY.

And if you don’t live in NYC, I envy your chill Trader Joe’s experience.


▶︎ No frills massages and acupuncture.

I love fancy spa massages, complete with dreamy plush robes and fancy locker rooms. As much as I love them, I definitely can’t afford them besides special occasions.

Two weeks ago I sought out an inexpensive, no-frills, tui-na massage place. Was it as fancy as the massage I get at my favorite spa? Not even close. But it got the job done — my back needed some extra love.

I’ve never been to a community acupuncture place, but I’ve heard positive things about the experience. Instead of private rooms, everyone is together receiving acupuncture. No, it’s not the same personal attention and privacy as a typical acupuncture set-up. But it also means you can get acupuncture without breaking the bank.


▶︎ Realize you don’t need to do it *all*

The truth is, you don’t need to do *all* the things to lead a healthy life. If you don’t go to acupuncture weekly and buy exclusively organic, ya won’t die. Focus on the things you can do within your budget. Maybe for you that’s exercising 3 days a week or focusing on eating more produce. Just remember healthy doesn’t need to be super complicated or super expensive.


Your turn: Any other tips for saving money when it comes to wellness? I’m always looking for other easy ways to save some moolah!

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  • This sounds so cool. I’m not in NYC or even in the United States, so this service won’t work for me, but the idea is great. When I still went to fitness studios for exercise, I had to subscribe for a year and, when I was late canceling my subscription, they almost had me pay for an entire year again. I know this has changed here too and you can now book classes individually at most studios and monthly subscriptions are the norm now, but still classes are quite expensive.

  • ooohhhhh i hope dibs comes to LA soon, that would be amazing!! i’m always on the lookout for cheaper ways to take the classes i love, since $30 a class isn’t realistic for me at the moment. and i’ve learned to just steer clear of whole foods altogether, haha. i go to TJ’s for most things, and then i’ll go to ralph’s for produce to buy what’s on sale/in season!

    • I’m definitely telling them they need to hit up LA next! Although I’m always jealous of LA pricing because it seems SO much cheaper in comparison, ha! I’m also mucho jealous of California TJ’s. When I visit David I legit stock up on snacks to bring back to New York because I hate going here.

  • First of all, being able to drive to Trader Joe’s and then not wait in line has changed my life! But enough SF bragging. Another tip which you and I clearly have taken advantage of, teach! Of course, it’s not for everyone so if you don’t want to become a fitness instructor, check in with your favorite studio and see if they offer specials if you work the front desk. A lot of studios in SF will give an unlimited free membership if you work a couple of shifts signing people in. Totally worth it if you’re on a budget!