Lovely Happenings Event– Saturday 5/2/15

Hi guys, hows your week going?

As always I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off for the past few days. Hope you enjoyed that visual right there. Just wanted to pop in to talk about this awesome event I’m a part of this weekend with Lovely Happenings.

Lovely Happenings are lifestyle workshop events where guests can come to enjoy, learn and be inspired by the aspects of life that they love. I’m super honored to be one of the bloggers with a booth at their very first event event! Seriously though, the roster of bloggers is pretty exciting and I can’t wait to meet everyone there!

It’s probably no surprise, but I’ll be spending the day talking about fitness and dishing out some of my favorite tips for leading a healthy lifestyle even when things are cray cray.

lovely happenings


For more information + tickets check out the page for Saturdays event here.


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